Quality healthcare is vitally important, but with a lack of resources it can be hard for providers to meet these important needs. Health Services Innovation Tasmania is taking the challenge of providing quality healthcare via clinical redesign head-on, and helping healthcare professionals to  better utilise existing healthcare resources

Jonathan Tunhavasana is Health Relationship Manager, NSW Ambulance, and he took part in the ACI Student workshop.

What practical tools and techniques did you learn for health service improvement in your workplace?

The whole redesign methodology is an excellent technique for setting a group on the right course and stopping them from jumping straight to solutions before considering all the facts. I learnt new techniques to improve my communication and to keep all stakeholders engaged from the start of a project right to the end.

How have you benefitted personally from your attendance at HSI Tasmania courses?

This course has made me a better manager and leader. I now have a range of techniques to solve a problem, implement solutions that work and to bring people on the journey with me. I would recommend the course to anyone who is passionate about improving health.

How has your team and workplace benefitted from the application of the clinical redesign methodology in your workplace?

Our team has completely changed its mindset about how we should approach problem solving after seeing how well the clinical redesign methodology works. They can now see how spending a little more time using information gathering, data analysis and other techniques to identify the true causes of a problem can help save time later on – and help deliver the right result for our service and patients.

How have your patients benefitted from clinical redesign solutions implemented in your workplace?

Our patients now have much more clarity about their treatment pathway. This is vitally important for both the elderly people we are looking after and their families and carers. The clinical redesign solutions have helped deliver the best care option to our patient as soon as it possibly can.

Would you recommend HSI Tasmania workshops and courses?

Yes, definitely.

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