Quality healthcare is vitally important, but with a lack of resources it can be hard for providers to meet these important needs. Health Services Innovation Tasmania is taking the challenge of providing quality healthcare via clinical redesign head-on, and helping healthcare professionals to  better utilise existing healthcare resources

Jolene May is Senior Occupational Therapist at the Royal Hobart Hospital, and she took part in the HSI 5 day Applied Clinical Redesign Course.

What practical tools and techniques did you learn for health service improvement in your workplace?

"Big Picture Mapping is an excellent way to get stakeholders engaged and to build support for an improvement project right from the beginning. It brings all relevant people together to work together to address a problem.

"Data Support has been amazing."

How have you benefitted personally from your attendance at HSI Tasmania courses?

"I am now equipped with a health improvement methodology that I am confident to apply practically to other improvement-focussed work. The support regarding data analysis was exceptional."

How has your team and workplace benefitted from the application of the clinical redesign methodology in your workplace?

"My workplace is more focussed on understanding the actual causes of a problem before jumping straight into designing solutions. Use of data analysis and having that analysis more visible has been of great benefit in driving improvement and involving colleagues in change. To be able to show people exactly what is happening helps them understand what is truly going on and to look at problems from different perspectives."

How have your patients benefitted from clinical redesign solutions implemented in your workplace?

“Our patients are experiencing better outcomes brought about from earlier mobilisation and increased engagement in daily living activities, all of which was implemented as a result of my workplace-based redesign project. It’s not just patients who have benefitted from redesign solutions. Recent staff feedback shows that staff involved in the project have higher levels of satisfaction about the services they provide to clients.”

Would you recommend HSI Tasmania workshops and courses? Why/why not?

Yes, definitely. Having access to these courses is a wonderful opportunity to build capacity for health service improvement across the Tasmanian Health Service.

Would you attend another HSI Tasmania course/workshop?

Certainly based on the quality of the 5-day course, yes I would attend another HSI Couse.

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