If you love Grand Designs and devour Architectural Digest, then a degree in Architecture and Design is right up your (perfectly designed) alley.

Architecture and Design lets you be creative, imaginative and innovative…as well as highly-skilled technically.

Here’s five reasons why architecture is your dream career.

1. You can see your creative vision come to life

As an architect you’ll get to see your drawing come to fruition. You can stand onsite and watch the walls go up, the windows go in, and see the whole building materialise. There aren’t many careers where you can see your hard work erected as a real monument that is an ode to your creativity and imagination. And for your client, your vision becomes their beloved home, productive workplace, engaging school, or valuable investment.

2. You can make liveable art

There are houses that are homes, and houses that are so much more…they’re art. With the skills gained from an Architecture and Design degree at the University of Tasmania, you’ll have the power to create a liveable, comfortable dwelling that’s also a beautiful, innovative testament to the power of combining design with practicality.

3. You can create a lasting legacy

The most amazing houses of the past are still standing. That means your designs could live on beyond your lifetime, to house people decades into the future, and inspire generations of architects not yet born.

4. You can focus on sustainable design

Like many other industries, architecture is becoming increasingly aware of issues around environmental sustainability. When you study at the University of Tasmania, you will learn how design affects the environment at all scales, including how architecture and design can influence social and economic change, and drive positive development.

5. You can get hands-on with some amazing projects and events

Tasmania is going through an art and culture renaissance, and is a hotbed for creatives. There are heaps of opportunities to get real-world experiences while studying Architecture and Design here. Our Learning-By-Making program lets students be directly involved in real community-based projects. Our students even worked on the incredible Hothouse bamboo structure for the huge Dark Mofo festival.

Plus with our new Creative Innovators’ program for high achievers, you can score thousands in scholarships, overseas experiences, internships, and more when you study Architecture and Design.

Design your future career. Apply now to study Architecture and Design.