Agricultural Science is a truly versatile degree. Here's five things you THOUGHT you knew about studying Agricultural Science...!

1. If you study Ag Science, you have to come from a farming background

Some students have a background in farming, but people study Agricultural Science for all sorts of reasons. A passion for science, a desire to shape the world, wanting to do your part to safeguard the future, all sorts of interests lead to Agricultural Science. We have quality courses for all levels with an entry point to suit everyone, regardless of your educational background, and plenty of flexibility in what and how you study.

2. Well, then you have to become a farmer, right?

Farming is great! But agriculture isn’t just about being a farmer. Agricultural Science opens up a huge range of jobs. The contemporary agriculture sector offers career opportunities that include science, business, tourism, design, and engineering. Careers are many and varied in the government and private sectors on a state, national, and international level.

3. It’s all theory, so you just sit in classrooms

We believe that learning means getting out in the field- literally! Our Agricultural Science students have the opportunity to not only use the University’s laboratory and glasshouse facilities, they have the opportunity to undertake hands-on learning at farms, research facilities, and agricultural businesses all around the state. If you love learning outdoors, there's no better place than Tasmania, it's a living laboratory.

4. There are no jobs in farming these days

Agriculture is an industry that just keeps growing. In Tasmania, our beautiful island state’s growing reputation as a producer of quality food and beverages means the industry is crying out for more workers with the right skills. There are currently four jobs to every graduate, and businesses are always hungry for more.

Maybe you’re passionate about fine wine and focus on viticulture. Or perhaps you love writing about agriculture? You could become a rural journalist. You could also become a food biologist, or even a policy advisor. An Agricultural Science degree opens up a range of possibilities across Australia and the world.

5. You can’t shape the world with agriculture

The population of our planet grows by around 200,000 people every day, and more people means a lot more food is going to be needed. For that to happen, farms will need to grow more, and farming practices have to adapt. That’s why contemporary Agricultural Science learning has a focus on innovative new methods of food production and sustainable farming practices. You could be one of the people whose expertise helps to feed future generations, safeguarding the human race.

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