"The art of science: one opinion on how to be a successful researcher" (Professor Barry Brook)

Science is the systematic study of the natural world using observation and experiment. Art is the flourish of human creativity, imagination and emotion. The two are often thought of as separate expressions of the intellect, but in practice, all scientists need to think artistically. There is great beauty in the simplicity and elegance of good science, alongside its clear articulation.

Professor Barry Brook is an ecologist and evolutionary biologist, with a fascination for how life has been shaped by past environmental change, and how biodiversity is responding and adapting to the global stresses caused by human civilisation and technology.

In this lecture, he will reflect on his personal journal in scholarship, the lessons learned and mistakes made, and offer a personal opinion on how a focus on ‘artful science’ can lead to success in research.

"The key role of collaboration on a researcher’s journey" (Professor Philip Boyd)

What do the following have in common? Experimental Evolutionary Biology, Global Climate Intervention, Marine Microbial Traits, Trace Metal Geomicrobiology, Earth System Modelling.

They are all research fields that Professor PhilipBoyd has become more familiar with, thanks to some of his Australian and international collaborators. For Professor Boyd, it is humbling to look back to his point of entry into science - as a biological oceanographer - and see how his research has both diversified and deepened.

The challenge of more fully investigating the ever increasing complexity of the Earth System (and other research fields) demands that we seek collaboration. But how do we make the first step, to initiate a collaboration? And how do we make it flourish?

In his keynote lecture, Professor Boyd, will step you through some of the key research collaborations in his career to date.

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When: 4th Sep 2017, 9:30am-10:30am.

Where: Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre, Sandy Bay.

Who: All are welcome to attend this free community event.

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