Getting a university education is a great investment in yourself and your future. University study improves your career prospects, broadens your horizons, and increases your earning potential.

The average starting salary for University of Tasmania graduates is $62,600 for undergraduate and $80,000 for postgraduate.

Graduate Outcomes Survey 2017.

How much does university cost?

University fees are charged on a per unit basis, not as an overall amount for the full course. To estimate the cost for your full course you can look up the individual unit costs on the University of Tasmania website.

Deferring your fees

The good news about uni fees is that you have the option to defer payment until you are earning a over a certain amount. To find out more, visit the Australian Taxation Office.

There are two different types of HELP loans available:

•       HECS-HELP for students in commonwealth-supported places

•       FEE-HELP for students in full-fee paying places.

Generally speaking, most undergraduate students will be in Commonwealth-supported places. Postgraduate students can be in either Commonwealth-supported or full-fee paying places depending on the course you choose.

Tips to help cover costs

There are plenty of ways you can offset the cost of your study.

Scholarships: The University of Tasmania offers more than 900 scholarships and prizes every year to both new and current students, and you may be eligible for one. Find out more here

Student Income Support: The Australian Government offers a range of means tested payments to support eligible students while they study. Search ‘student income support’ on to see if you are eligible.

Professional development: If you are considering study to further your existing career it’s a good idea to approach your employer and see what financial support they might offer to your ongoing professional development.

Tax return claim: If your study relates directly to your work, you may be able to claim the cost in your tax return. Look up ‘self- education expenses’ on to see if you are eligible. For more information, visit

This information is for domestic students. For international students, please visit this page for all the info on fees. 

Find out about course options and applying for study here.