In Tasmania we are lucky to live and learn in a place of incredible beauty, with accessible and friendly communities. But even though our University is strongly connected to our place here, our outlook and connections are global.

That means we offer our students a variety of fantastic overseas study opportunities.

Studying part of your course overseas is a really exciting way to enrich your studies, make new friends and connections, and have an amazing study experience!

Here’s our top five reasons why you should apply to complete part of your studies abroad.

1. You can explore another culture in depth

Studying overseas provides you with the opportunity to travel, live and be immersed in another culture. This is an experience that is enriching for your personally, and for your studies. If you are interested in another culture or learning a foreign language, studying overseas is the perfect way to really absorb it. 

2. You will experience another exceptional institution

You will have the opportunity to take courses at universities ranked with the top 150 in the world within your chosen discipline area.

3. It will look great on your CV

Studying overseas looks fantastic on your CV, enhances the value of your degree, and provides you with a competitive edge, marking you as an adaptable learner with an adventurous spirit.  

4. There’s financial support available

With no upfront tuition fees, generous scholarships and for domestic students the OS-HELP loan plus the continuation of your Centrelink payments, studying overseas has never been so easy or affordable

5. You can make great connections

Studying overseas can open up all sorts of doors. You’ll be meeting other students, academics and members of the community in your chosen exchange location. And you will make some great new friends that might be keen to come and study part of their course with us in Tassie!

To find out more, visit Student Mobility here