Why just read textbooks about engineering when you can actually build a race car at Uni? And then drive it?

Formula SAE is the world’s biggest engineering annual design competition and it’s embedded into our Engineering curriculum.

Our Engineering students from first year to postgraduate level take part in designing, building, promoting AND competing in a race with their very own race car.

While the experience is a lot of fun, it’s also incredibly valuable to get such a high level of real hands-on experience, meaning students can drive right into industry with the knowledge they need to start work.

Jeremy Robinson, who studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Tasmania, is a big fan of the program. As a member of the University of Tasmania Motorsport team he was on hand to show off the race car at the University’s 2017 Open Day.

Everyone loves it when they get to hear the sound of the engine because everyone associates a race car with that big vrroom!

“As soon as the engine started you’ve got a swarm of people to come and have a look and check out what it was all about.

I had people come over and they asked us where we bought it from. And we said, ‘we built it ourselves!’

“We had to design every single part of it, right down to where a single wire will go to, then we put it all together in our workshop, which we are so grateful UTAS allows us the access to.”

Jeremy’s honours project focuses on developing the rear wing for the car.

“You do a lot of computer-based stuff, but the best thing about it is I also get the opportunity as part of the team to follow through on my design, build the wing and then get to see how it actually goes on the car.”

Jeremy already has a job lined up and said plenty of his friends are also securing positions.

The best thing about being down here is everyone knows where to look when they want an Engineering graduate.

Come to Open Day and see the race car in action!

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