Tasmania is an agriculture powerhouse, containing a broad and dynamic industry that provides opportunities from paddock to plate.

After attending the University of Tasmania’s Feed your Mind, Feed the World experience in 2018, Katie Zarb was so impressed with what she saw that she enrolled in a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at the University of Tasmania.

“I really didn’t know that I wanted to study agriculture until I did the camp,” Katie said.

“Attending really opened my eyes to the agriculture industry. It made me realise there is a lot more to it.

“Agriculture is not just two or three things, it’s millions of things. There is so much diversity. You can have the best of all the worlds.

“A highlight for me was visiting Cradle Coast Olives. It was amazing to see how the owners had developed a business and created something really special.”

Since beginning her degree, Katie said she continues to be surprised and inspired by the diversity of agriculture. 

Agricultural science is the perfect degree for inspiration because everyone is different and has different expertise.

“When you think you know everything it has to offer you meet someone new and realise there is so much more.

“You have people working on everything from earwigs and bees, to soil, sustainability and food security and we need to all these people to ensure the ecosystem works.”

Now more than ever, the world’s smartest and hardest-working people are needed to make agriculture safe, sustainable and profitable. And the job market reflects it: A degree in agriculture opens doors to an industry with four to five jobs for every grad.

While Katie admits that the job security in ag science is very appealing, it wasn’t the only reason she chose the degree.

I wanted to have a job, but also to have a career that is varied and that I enjoy, where I am learning and being challenged.

“We have a big challenge to feed a growing population. We are facing a catastrophe and there are not enough people addressing it.

“The exciting thing about ag science is that you can do it everywhere. Everywhere needs to grow food and needs healthy soils and a healthy environment.”

The University of Tasmania has one of the highest ranked agricultural programs in the world. We offer numerous scholarships, access to hundreds of successful producers in Tasmania and beyond, and small, interactive classes.

If you want to improve your future—and the world’s—this is where you start.