As a graduate of her combined Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degree, Grace Williams has a passion for sharing knowledge and insights from her cohorts at the University of Tasmania’s Law School.

Years ago, I started collecting stories… it was all about connecting students with their lecturers and connecting the broader community with the people in our Law School.

Grace has hosted a diverse cast of guests on her podcast, including Tasmanian politicians like Lara Giddings, first female premier of Tasmania, and Senator Eric Abetz. It is Grace’s goal to help demystify the law through informal conversations with people who can give their own unique perspectives on law practice and theory.

Many of the Law School’s lecturers and academics have contributed to the podcast, sharing their first-hand experiences of having a career in law.

“I feel like the Law School has really excellent teaching – I’ve really enjoyed studying my electives, and I’ve studied human rights law from international criminal law experts,” Grace said.

“I think the beauty of studying a combined degree is that it gives you a lot of opportunities to move, so even if you don’t necessarily want to practice the law, you have an amazing foundation of thinking and communicating, which I think is really valuable.

You can do anything with a law degree.

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