Jordan Green, a Master of Teaching student based at the University of Tasmania’s Sandy Bay campus in Hobart, was inspired by his own high school experience to pursue a career in teaching.

“Throughout high school, I had some really good teachers and that showed me the amazing impact that teachers can have on their students’ education. That experience is what first motivated me to become a teacher myself,” said Jordan.

Teaching is one of the most needed jobs in Tassie and the influence you can have on someone’s life as a teacher is enormous, so if you’re considering it, it’s definitely worth doing.

Jordan achieved an ATAR result in the high nineties and then studied a bachelor’s degree in maths and physics before his Master of Teaching.

“Some people thought it was odd I didn’t go into medicine or something, but teaching maths and science is what I knew I wanted to do,” Jordan said.

I was always keen on teaching, and people who knew me, knew that it would be a natural fit and were really supportive.

Bianca Eberle studies a Bachelor of Education (Primary) at the Cradle Coast campus in Burnie on Tasmania’s north west coast.

 “I wanted to be a teacher ever since I was a little girl and my own schooling experience was really positive. I had a great relationship with all my teachers and worked really hard, and in year 12 I ended up with an ATAR of 95.9,” Bianca said.

I always knew it was going to be the University of Tasmania – it has a great reputation and I’d always heard really good things. So far [the course] is so insightful and it’s definitely opened my eyes.

Bianca is originally from the Tasmanian town of Sheffield and relocated to Burnie to study her undergraduate degree while staying close to family.

“I absolutely love the campus. It’s very accessible and having smaller classes means you always have time with your lecturer. It just gives a real sense of community, being able to reach out and to know the names of everyone in your class,” Bianca said.

I love the things I’m learning and the friendships I’ve made. It’s been an incredible experience. I couldn’t name just one thing – it’s all brilliant.

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