If you feel you may be failing or have failed a unit, we are here to help. There’s lots of reasons why your study plans might not be going as well as you expected.

What can I do to make sure I don’t fail a unit?

The best thing to do is ask for help as soon as possible. There are lots of problems that can be quickly and easily resolved.  Other problems can be managed with support from the University.  

If you’re finding the assessment tasks difficult, you can talk with a Student Learning Adviser about the different types of academic support and development assistance that are available.  If you have personal circumstances that are impacting on your studies and making it difficult to pass, see a Student Adviser to talk about how we can help you manage the situation and get back on track.

Who do I talk to if I’m worried I’m failing?

If you think you might be failing a unit, the first thing to do is have a chat with your lecturer or tutor. You can find their contact details on page two of your unit outline in MyLO

You should also talk to a Student Adviser. Student Advisers can help you identify any issues that might be affecting your studies and how to get help. There is a range of help available to address barriers, from personal issues to problems with academic skills.

What happens if I fail a unit?

If you fail a unit, we can help you understand what might have gone wrong and how you can get back on track.  Contact a Student Adviser to discuss any issues that might be impacting on your studies and to get information about the types of help that are available.

Get in touch

To discuss any of the topics above, you can book an appointment with a Student Adviser for a phone or face-to-face consultation via the Book an Appointment link on the Students page of the University website. 

If you have any difficulty making an appointment, drop in to Student Services on your campus or email U.Connect@utas.edu.au for help.