The University of Tasmania is living up to expectation, according to Jeremy Tse (shown right in banner image), who moved from Malaysia to Hobart to study medicine.

When Jeremy sat in front of his computer to contemplate where, and at what university, he should continue his medical degree, he ranked the University of Tasmania first.

“There were at least 20 different universities I looked to apply to but I placed Tasmania first essentially because I had a cousin who had studied at UTAS and said Tasmania was a great place to live and study.”

“I have absolutely no regrets. Tasmania and the University have lived up to my expectations. It is such a beautiful place. The Tasmanian environment and landscape is unique.

I can go bushwalking and I’ll always see native wildlife near where I live, which is just outside the city.

Arriving in Tasmania’s capital, Hobart, in January 2019, Jeremy was instantly impressed by the overwhelming support from the University.

“In particular, the Director of Internationalisation and Global Health, Dr Nick Cooling, has been there right from the first day, and his support is ongoing.

“He’s always asking how I’m coping. I find he genuinely cares about the wellbeing of international students.”

What also surprised Jeremy was how easy it has been to transition from the curriculum at his Kuala Lumpur university to the University of Tasmania’s.

“What I also appreciate is how enthusiastic lecturers are about teaching and because many also work in local hospitals, they are committed to medicine and health.”

Jeremy’s interest in health developed from around the age of 17 when he was contemplating a career in medicine or engineering.

“As humans we are vulnerable, so to help people when they need it most motivates me to become a doctor.”

The third-year Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery student is also enjoying the University’s facilities.

There is 24-hour access to the facilities at the Medical Science Precinct in central Hobart and this is really convenient for students, particularly if they are working or have other commitments.

The Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery program is recognised in Malaysia, which provides Jeremy the option to return home to work post-degree.  He’s studying on a three-year Australian Government student visa currently and is due to graduate in 2021.

“I hope to stay in Australia for my internship though and possibly specialise here.

I always wanted to study abroad and gain life experience and here I am exploring the world in an environment that is conducive to learning and living.

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