Emily Hunt grew up in Launceston and has always appreciated the town’s rich architectural history. This includes the University’s Architecture & Design building, which is housed in a converted 1950’s locomotive workshop.

Studying the Master of Architecture, Emily values the small cohort of students that gives her personalised time with her tutors and valuable studio sessions. She also has the opportunity to work with local firms to complete real-world projects.

Someone thinking about architecture and wanting pursue study in the architectural field… the space that we learn in here is so different to any other university that I have been in. It’s a converted warehouse that’s engaging and inspiring, where we are all in the space, working closely with our tutors and lecturers every day.

Studying Architecture & Design allows Emily to combine her interests in the creative and pragmatic spaces, and to create things that have meaning in the community. 

As a master’s student, Emily took part in the University’s BLOMA project, a collaboration between the University and the popular Mona Foma arts festival run by MONA. For this project, students designed and built an inflatable installation that houses a voicegram.

This device live streamed audio content to the internet, which was then played during the festival. Emily was the project manager of this learning-by-making experience, allowing her the rare opportunity to work closely with the festival’s world-renowned art directors.

Student and staff team that worked on the Mona Foma project BLOMA.

BLOMA enables students to apply architecture theory practiced during their degree, particularly digital fabrication and conceptual design. The students used design software such as Rino and Grasshopper, to create 3D models and test them through trial and error.

Emily loved working with a range of staff from Mona Foma, experiencing what it takes to run a large-scale project and event.

Being involved in a real-life project, and to create something that exists, to show future employees that it did or didn’t work, is very beneficial.

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