Coming from a small town in rural Victoria and moving to Launceston as a child may have fostered a strong sense of community in Australian Maritime College graduate Ashleigh Johnson, which helps bring success in her career.

Ashleigh studied a Bachelor of Applied Science (Maritime Technology Management), Bachelor of Business (Maritime and Logistics Management), graduating in 2013, and now enjoys a successful and enriching career in Maritime Logistics.

Ashleigh was inspired to follow the path of her now husband who began at the Australian Maritime College the year before her. This path led her to a fulfilling career, where she landed a job the day after graduation.

“I attended a local country school in Exeter, followed by Scotch Oakburn College for Years 11 and 12. It was at Scotch Oakburn College that I met my now husband who started studying at the AMC after he graduated the year before me.”

“After hearing about what he was doing in his studies and the facilities that he had access to, I was intrigued and started researching the AMC and wondering if there was something available that would fit my interests. The MTM and MLM degrees really appealed to me because of the variety of units on offer and their specialist nature.”

I applied and was accepted into both degrees and thus began four of the best years of my life so far.

“The AMC is a wonderful place to study and I have many fond memories of my time there. The opportunities for research and hands on learning that the facilities like the model test basin, towing tank and ship simulator provide are unlike anywhere else in Australia.”

“For that experience, I will be forever grateful.”

A sense of community and placing importance on relationships has paid off for Ashleigh, who has found a strong community that will be with her for life.

“There is a great sense of community among the staff and students at the AMC too. It was a very enjoyable place to study and even now when I visit, everyone wants to catch up and hear what I am up to.

The sense of community extends beyond graduation and to industry too – past students always speak fondly of their AMC days and the college is well spoken of in industry.

Not only did Ashleigh find a strong community, she found a rewarding and exciting career.

“I have been working with the international shipping company ANL (Australian National Line) Container Line (part of the CMA CGM Group) since I finished classes in my final year.”

I had received an email the day I presented my thesis project about ANL offering a junior customer service assistant role in their Launceston office. I got the job and am still with ANL over 5 years later.

The specialist nature of my degrees gave me a deep knowledge of the maritime and transport industries which helps me day to day to understand the bigger picture of my role and not just focus on my daily tasks.

“It helps build better relationships with customers and in solving problems because you can think about the potential impacts beyond yourself.”

Relationships also play a large part of Ashleigh’s new role as Account Executive (Internal) with the company.

“My role includes quoting new business, undertaking equipment and sales forecasting, building relationships with customers, growing new business and providing back-up support to the customer service team.”

“I am also responsible for acting as deputy to the State Manager of Tasmania when required.”

“I enjoy the challenge and the satisfaction of getting things done. There are many things that can go wrong in shipping so being able to come up with a solution, put it into place and get a win-win for ANL and for the customer is a great feeling.”

“I also really enjoy the interactions I have with customers, service providers and other ANL team members each day. It’s incredible the people you meet and to hear their stories.”

I highly recommend studying at AMC to others.

“Whether you have an interest in business, shipping, engineering or a related area, there are so many opportunities to try different subjects, get involved in great projects and see and use the testing facilities that can really set you up for a great career doing something you enjoy.”