Dianne Eerden Elite Research Scholarship


The late Dianne Eerden made a substantial gift in her Will to the University of Tasmania to be used for a scholarship or bursary for a female student in the areas of neurosurgery or neuroscience.

Type of Scholarship

Top-Up Scholarship

Next Scheduled Offer

August 2022*

*Please check back regularly as this date is subject to change

Scholarship terms

  1. An amount of $290,144 donated by the late Dianne Eerden to the University of Tasmania Foundation, together with any future donations and accrued interest, (the Fund) forms the endowment of a scholarship to be called the "Dianne Eerden Elite Research Top-up Scholarship" (the Scholarship).
  2. The Scholarship will be awarded as a Top-up Scholarship for PhD candidates already holding or eligible for a Research Training Program (RTP) stipend or equivalent base living allowance stipend.
  3. The Scholarship may only be awarded to an eligible female student studying at the University of Tasmania. The eligibility criteria are:
    1. For a female student
    2. The student must be studying either neurosurgery or neuroscience
    3. As this is a top-up scholarship, the student must already hold a base stipend at the RTP rate
  4. If changes occur to courses, or the criteria in practice limits the number of applicants significantly, the University Graduate Research Office may modify the criteria with regard to the intention of the donor to ensure the scholarship can be awarded.
  5. The Scholarship selection will be determined by an approved selection process overseen by the Dean of Graduate Research, with specific regard to the eligibility criteria as detailed in clause 3.
  6. The Scholarship is tenable for up to 3.5 years of the student’s course of study. The duration of the Scholarship will be reduced by any periods of study undertaken: (a) towards the degree prior to the commencement of the top-up; or (b) towards the degree during suspension of the top-up and is subject to the student:
    1. continuing in full-time study or in part-time study if approved by the Graduate Research Office
    2. continuing to make satisfactory academic progress in accordance with the Higher Degree by Research Candidature Management and Higher Degree by Research Reviews of Progress Policies
    3. providing a written report on their progress to the Graduate Research Office where specified in the conditions of the award
  7. One Scholarship will be offered at any time, with the Scholarship being open to application at any time it is not currently being held by a candidate.
  8. The Advancement Office will set the annual value of the Scholarship from time to time with regard to the income from the Fund.
  9. The Dean of Graduate Research will determine all other matters concerning the Scholarship, including advertising, application procedures and the method and time of payment.