Pathways to a Research Degree

There are different paths you can take to start your journey in completing a Research Degree at UTAS.

The chief requirement is prior research experience in the form of an Honours or Master's Degree, or relevant professional experience and training.

Honours Degree

An Australian Honours Degree is the standard pathway for entry into a Research Degree, providing you with the experience and skills to take on advanced postgraduate research. An Honours Degree is a program of study which involves deeply investigating a research topic and writing a thesis, usually full-time over one year. Entry requirements for an Honours Degree vary by program. Most Honours students complete the program during an "Honours year", an additional year of study following completion of a Bachelor's Degree. Students can also complete Honours "on-course", where the Honours component is embedded in the Bachelor's Degree over four or five years.

Transferring from a Master of Research (MRes) to a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

If you are currently enrolled in a Master of Research (MRes) at UTAS, it may be possible to transfer to a PhD. To apply to transfer to a PhD, you must have completed no more than 75% of your MRes at UTAS and have demonstrated strong academic progress. Many MRes candidates choose to continue with their research in order to obtain a PhD.  MRes Candidates should discuss this pathway with their supervisory team and school of enrolment.

Postgraduate Coursework

A Master by Coursework Degree provides another entry-point to a Research Degree. To be accepted for a Research Degree, your Master Degree must contain a research component of at least 25%, such as a research project or a research methods course.

Relevant Experience

Your professional experience may also satisfy the admission requirements for undertaking a Research Degree at UTAS. For example, working as a research assistant and publishing research outcomes are strong evidence of relevant research experience. You may have a passion for research in a field where you can already demonstrate expertise. We value professional work experience in our Research Degree candidates and also consider experience such as leading large projects and implementing your research into organisational change.  With your application, please submit supporting documentation that addresses your competency in the following skill areas:

  1. Conceptual and theoretical understanding/knowledge of the field;
  2. Research design, data collection and data management skills/ability to undertake research;
  3. Analytical and interpretative skills (e.g. data analysis, critical analysis, problem solving); and
  4. Communication skills