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Academic Delegations Ordinance

University Council delegates functions and powers in relation to academic decisions through the Academic Delegations Ordinance. The Academic Delegations Ordinance, which includes its Schedule of Academic Delegations, was approved by University Council on 22 May 2020 and came into effect on 1 July 2020.

Approved procedures are in place to: establish a new academic delegation; amend an existing academic delegation; disestablish an existing academic delegation and communicate changes related to academic delegations as detailed in the following documents:

Version history

Schedule of Academic Delegations

1 Admission

1.1 Quotas

1.2 Qualifications for coursework admission

1.3 English language requirements

1.4 Special entry requirements

1.5 Withdrawal of offers of admission

1.6 Admitting Higher Degree by Research candidates

2 Enrolment, Deferral and Leave of

2.1 Pre-requisites and co-requisites

2.2 Non award enrolment

2.3 Concurrent enrolment

2.4 Re-enrolment after discontinuation or suspension (coursework students)

2.5 Re-enrolment after discontinuation or suspension (HDR candidates)

2.6 Extended leave

2.7 Deferral

2.8 Suspension and leave of absence (coursework students)

2.9 Suspension and leave of absence (HDR candidates)

3 Credit

3.1 Credit (coursework students)

3.2 Credit (Higher Degree by Research candidates)

4 Participation

4.1 Student participation requirements

4.2 Academic year

5 Assessment, Examination and Results

5.1 Assessment of coursework

5.2 Examinations

5.3 Conversion of grades

5.4 Results

5.5 Examination of Higher Degrees by Research

6 Progression and Exclusion

6.1 Progression requirements (coursework students)

6.2 Progression requirements (Higher Degree by Research candidates)

6.3 Requirement to show good cause (coursework students)

6.4 Requirement to show good cause (Higher Degree by Research candidates)

6.5 Re-admission and credit after exclusion for lack of progress

6.6 International student visas and transfers

7 Conferral

7.1 Conferral

8 Misconduct, Complaints and Appeals

8.1 Behavioural misconduct

8.2 Academic misconduct

8.3 Student complaints

8.4 Appeals

9 Management of Courses and Units of Study

9.1 Course requirements

9.2 New award courses

9.3 Significant amendments to award courses

9.4 Minor amendments to award courses

9.5 Units of study

9.6 Non award offerings

10 Supervision of Higher Degree by Research Candidates

10.1 Supervision policy

10.2 Appointment and registration of supervisors

11 Educational Partnerships

11.1 Articulation arrangements and agreements

11.2 Student mobility

11.3 Student placement agreements

11.4 Third-party teaching arrangements and agreements

11.5 Joint awards

11.6 Dual awards

11.7 Courseware licensing and learning technologies

11.8  Benchmarking agreements

12 Scholarships, Prizes and Medals

12.1 Scholarships and prizes

12.2 University medals