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6.4 Behaviour Policy

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Behaviour Policy


The University is committed to providing a safe, supportive, and healthy environment for all members of our community. This policy sets out the University’s expectations for appropriate behaviour and identifies the behaviours and conduct that are not accepted by the University, with a focus on the safety and wellbeing of the University community and a victim-centred approach.

1.1 The behaviour of all University community members will be considerate of others and consistent with the University’s values – respect and self-respect, fairness and justice, integrity, trust and trustworthiness, responsibility and honesty. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

The expectations for behaviour apply to University community members when conduct:
a)   occurred on land or property owned or occupied by the University or University-affiliated accommodation;
b)   occurred in relation to any academic or work experience or placement program which has a connection to the University (this includes digital and online environments);
c)   relates to another member of the University community; or
d)   otherwise has the potential to affect their suitability to continue as University community member, having regard to:
-   whether they may be trusted to comply with this policy; or
-   the safety and wellbeing of members of the University community

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
1.3 University community members will comply with all policies, procedures, ordinances, University By-laws and related documents. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Behaviour and conduct that is not accepted by the University includes any behaviour which is unlawful, unethical or would be considered improper conduct. Collectively, this is referred to as inappropriate behaviour. Examples of inappropriate behaviour are published in the Behaviour Procedure.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
1.5 A conflict of interest arising from a personal relationship between a staff member and a student with whom there is a direct teaching, research or other professional relationship must be appropriately, transparently managed by the staff member and notified immediately to their supervisor. Development of a close personal or intimate relationship between a staff member and a student with whom there is such a professional relationship is not appropriate. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
2 Support for community members 
2.1 Care and consideration for a person’s safety and wellbeing will always be the primary focus of the University in responding to any concern or complaint of inappropriate behaviour. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
2.2 Support will be offered to all involved parties in response to any concern or complaint of inappropriate behaviour, including reasonable adjustments to study or work performance and expectations. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
2.3 The University may take action it considers necessary to ensure the immediate safety and wellbeing of students, staff and/or community. Such action may include, but is not limited to: required separation in work, study and/or living environments; exclusion from University activities or from University property; suspension of access to the University’s information and communications technology services. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
2.4 All parties involved in a complaint of inappropriate behaviour will be afforded procedural fairness (also known as natural justice). Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
3 Reporting and disclosure of inappropriate behaviour 
3.1 The University will ensure reporting and disclosures of inappropriate behaviour are straightforward and accessible to all University community members. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
3.2 University community members will be active in speaking up and reporting incidents of inappropriate behaviour. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
3.3 The person making a disclosure or raising a concern or complaint about an inappropriate behaviour will be fully informed of their available reporting and support options both internally and externally. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
3.4 The confidentiality and privacy of parties involved in a concern or complaint will be maintained to the extent possible, noting that the University may need to inform key personnel to progress a matter and/or comply with mandatory reporting obligations at law. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
3.5 Concerns and complaints will be dealt with promptly, noting that sometimes timeframes need to be extended for matters that are complex or more serious. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
4.1 Where appropriate, the University will use a restorative approach when responding to inappropriate behaviour but may act formally, swiftly and decisively to ensure safety and wellbeing and the accountability for actions. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
4.2 University community members who engage in inappropriate behaviour may face consequences which could impact on the continuation of their study, their accommodation arrangements, their employment or their access to the University as applicable. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Definitions and acronyms:  University community | inappropriate behaviour

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All University community members must comply with all relevant laws and regulations, University By-Laws, ordinances, policies, procedures and supporting resources.