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5.2 Partnerships Policy

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Partnerships Policy


This policy guides the responsible development, execution and monitoring of partnerships between the University of Tasmania and partner organisations both in Australia and overseas, which are integral to the University’s learning and teaching, research training, research, and engagement activities.

1.1 Partnership arrangements will align with the University’s strategic priorities and will comply with all relevant regulatory and legislative requirements. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
1.2 The University will, in all partnerships, undertake due diligence and risk assessments, and oversight governance, management, terms and expectations, monitoring and quality assurance processes. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
1.3 Regional and government partnerships will, where possible, be established to expand access to educational opportunity and create a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable future for Tasmania. Vice-Chancellor
2 Research partnerships 
2.1 Research partnerships will be established with reputable organisations and align with the University’s mission, to build excellence and distinctiveness, and create an impact for and from Tasmania. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research
2.2 Research partnerships that make a material contribution to improving the environmental, social, and/or economic well-being of our local, regional, and/or global communities will be prioritised. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research
2.3 Research partnerships will be formalised in agreements to provide clarity to all parties and be subject to review cycles appropriate to the nature of the partnership. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research
3 Educational partnerships 
3.1 Educational partnerships will be established with reputable organisations to enhance learning and teaching and research training experiences for students and to provide pathway opportunities for the students of partner institutions, through structured programs developed in consultation with partners. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
3.2 Educational partnership arrangements will be formalised in agreements to provide clarity to all parties. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
3.3 Educational partnership arrangements will be subject to continuous quality assurance monitoring and improvement cycles that accord with relevant legislative requirements, appropriate to the nature of the partnership. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)

Definitions and acronyms:  agreement | educational partnership | partnership | research partner

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