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5.3 Compliance Policy

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Compliance Policy


This policy outlines key governance principles that strengthen University structures to support good leadership and decision making and ensures sound and effective governance.

1.1 The University will be transparent and proportionate in the approach to compliance, with focus on higher risk areas of non-compliance and guided by the University’s appetite for risk to improve the overall governance of the University. Chief Operating Officer
1.2 Compliance owners will manage, monitor and report on compliance obligations ensuring controls are in place to manage legal obligations that have risks associated with non-compliance. Chief Operating Officer
1.3 Performance of the compliance program will be monitored, measured and reported as an integral part of the reporting to the relevant governance and senior executive bodies. Chief Operating Officer
2 Conflict of interest 
2.1 All conflicts and potential conflicts of interest must be identified, disclosed, monitored and effectively managed. Chief Operating Officer
2.2 Relevant members of the University Community will make declarations at least annually and at other times where there is a material change in private interests that may give rise to an actual, potential, or perceived conflicts of interest and manage the conflicts of interest arising from those interests. Chief Operating Officer
3Foreign influence and foreign interference 
3.1The University values the contribution of our foreign collaborations and will be transparent about the nature, level and extent of foreign influence through appropriate disclosure of arrangements with foreign principals.Chief Operating Officer
3.2University activities will manage risks of foreign interference to safeguard academic freedom, University strategy, University controlled intellectual property, the University’s values and research partnerships and collaborations consistent with the University’s risk appetite.Chief Operating Officer
3.3The University will integrate management of foreign interference and foreign influence risks into research, partnerships, employee relationships and affiliations, and intellectual property.Chief Operating Officer
4 Access to information and disclosures 
4.1 The University will ensure procedures are in place to support the routine and proactive release of information where it is assessed to be in the public interest. Chief Operating Officer
4.2 The University will ensure public interest disclosures are investigated and managed in accordance with the principles of natural justice. Chief Operating Officer

Definitions and acronyms: appropriate personforeign influence | whistle-blower

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All University community members must comply with all relevant laws and regulations, University By-Laws, ordinances, policies and procedures.