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2.2 Student Complaints Policy

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Student Complaints Policy


The University is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for students to raise concerns or complaints regarding aspects of University life, such as student support services, University premises or facilities, and other general university matters. This policy outlines the University’s commitment to maintaining a complaints process where issues are dealt with on their merit, and which works towards timely and effective resolution.

1 Student complaintsResponsible
1.1 The University provides an accessible and transparent student complaint process, at no financial cost to the complainant. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
1.2 Wherever possible, and if the student feels comfortable and safe to do so, students are encouraged to first attempt to resolve their matter locally (ie where the issue arose) and informally before formalising a complaint. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
1.3 Formal complaints will be taken seriously and actioned in a timely manner, and complainants kept informed as to the progress of their complaint. They will be advised in writing of the outcome and reasons for the decision. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
1.4 Each complaint will be managed in an objective and unbiased manner with procedural fairness provided to all parties to a complaint. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
1.5 The University will ensure that complainants are not adversely affected because of their complaint. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
1.6 Independent advocacy services will be available to students to assist them in dealing with their complaint. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
1.7 At all times during a complaint process, parties to the complaint will treat each other with respect and in accordance with the University’s Behaviour Policy. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
1.8 Where a complainant remains dissatisfied with the outcome of their complaint, they may seek an appeal of the decision on grounds that will be determined and published by the University. Complainants may also refer the matter to external organisations, as appropriate. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
1.9 The University will take the opportunity to learn from each complaint, informing future practice and activity. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Definitions and acronyms: student | appropriate person | SaFCU | SaFCU Officer | external agency

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