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4.1 Research Policy

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Research Policy


The conduct of research and an active research culture is fundamental to what it means to be a University. The University of Tasmania is deeply committed to creating and promoting a culture dedicated to delivering high quality world-class research contributing to the needs of the Tasmanian, national and global communities, underpinned by the responsible and ethical conduct of all those engaged in and/or supporting research.

This policy sets out the principles that guide the design, conduct, management, funding, and communication of research undertaken by University researchers to ensure that research is carried out with integrity and honesty, and meets legislative, professional and community standards of conduct and quality.

1 Our researchResponsible

University researchers will be supported to undertake world-class fundamental discovery and/or translational and purpose-driven research, as assessed against nationally and globally accepted standards, that provides:

  • a significant contribution to advancing knowledge, and/or
  • a material contribution to improving the environmental, social, cultural, and/or economic well-being of our local, regional, and/or global communities.
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research
1.2 The University will support deep disciplinary research and capitalise on the University’s comparative advantage of our people and place by focusing and prioritising multidisciplinary research that meets the pressing needs of the Tasmanian, national and global communities. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research
2 Responsible conduct of research
2.1 The University will actively promote and support a culture of responsible research conduct. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research
2.2 University researchers will conduct research responsibly, ethically, and with integrity as a foundation for high-quality research, credibility, and community trust in the research endeavour. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research
2.3 The University will take all reasonable measures to manage conflicts of interest and/or mitigate against undue influence on research outcomes that may result from the relations between University researchers and public and private organisations engaged in and/or funding research consistent with the principles of the Academic Freedom and Free Speech Policy. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research
2.4The University will not undertake, engage in, or otherwise support research where that research could be used to perpetuate human rights abuses or where the beneficiary of the research may use the research for the purpose of human rights abuses.Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research
3 Research funding and costing
3.1 University researchers will manage research funds in line with public expectations of good governance, transparency, integrity, and sustainability. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research
3.2 University researchers will account for the full cost of research (including University direct and indirect costs) and ensure research pricing reflects the quality and value of University services, including in-kind contributions.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research

4 Research data and output
4.1 University researchers will manage University research data in accordance with national and international standards for open access including standards for Indigenous data governance. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research
4.2 University researchers will develop research outputs in accordance with national and international standards and, wherever possible, share research outputs as openly for free dissemination to support knowledge creation and increase the value, influence, and impact of their research to the end-users of research in local, national, and global communities and the academy. Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research

University researchers will attribute the University of Tasmania as an institution of affiliation for research outputs that have resulted from work conducted by University researchers if either of the following conditions apply:

  • the research has used resources (including human resources) or facilities of the University; and/or
  • the funds for the research have been directed through the University.
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research

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