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1.1 Admission, Enrolment and Credit Policy

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Admission, Enrolment and Credit Policy


This policy outlines the University of Tasmania's commitment to responsibly manage student admission, enrolment and the granting of credit in recognition of formal, informal and non-formal prior learning.

1.1 The University will define the minimum requirements for admission to courses offered at the University based on evidence of student success and in keeping with the University’s standards of academic excellence. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
1.2The University will ensure that entry requirements and admission decisions conform to all national standards, are documented, applied consistently, equitably, transparently and in a timely manner.Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
1.3 The University will ensure that participation opportunities are accessible for prospective students from diverse backgrounds and with diverse learning experiences. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
1.4 University decisions regarding admission will be subject to review and appeal on grounds specified within relevant procedure. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
2.1 All practices in relation to enrolments will be consistent, fair, transparent and formally documented, and comply with applicable external regulations and requirements. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
2.2 Students will be provided with clear, timely and accurate advice in relation to enrolment and related critical dates. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
2.3 The University will take all reasonable action to ensure that a student who is admitted to an award course is able to enrol in units that will enable them to complete the requirements of the course in a timely manner. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
2.4 The University will take all appropriate measures to ensure that overseas students studying at the University on a student visa, complete their study in accordance with the terms, conditions and timeframes of their Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) and relevant student visa provisions. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
2.5 The University will not knowingly enrol overseas students wishing to transfer from another registered provider’s course, prior to the overseas student completing six months of their principal course of study, unless they have been released by the previous provider. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
2.6Students are responsible for all aspects of their enrolment, including awareness of University requirements and the provision of accurate personal information for enrolment purposes.Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
2.7Students are responsible for: checking that their enrolment is current and correct; seeking advice as necessary; ensuring that their enrolment complies with relevant course specifications; and notifying the University by the prescribed date, of any errors or omissions.Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
2.8 University decisions regarding enrolment will be subject to review and appeal on grounds specified within relevant  procedure. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
3 Recognition of prior learning 
3.1 Credit may be granted to an applicant who can demonstrate the attainment of learning outcomes against course or unit learning outcomes. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
3.2 Applications for credit will be assessed fairly and in a timely manner to determine the comparability of the evidence provided. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
3.3 Credit will be granted subject to the admission and enrolment of the applicant to the relevant University award program. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
3.4 Credit granted will take into account the learning outcomes of the relevant unit and course and be calibrated to support student success. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
3.5 Students receiving credit must still meet any English language proficiency conditions placed on their enrolment. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
3.6 University staff involved in the assessment and granting of credit will have the experience to enable them to properly assess credit applications. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
3.7 University decisions relating to the granting of credit will be subject to review and appeal on grounds specified within relevant procedure. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)

Definitions and acronyms: credit | informal learning | formal learning | learning outcomes | non-formal learning | prior learning | recognition of prior learning

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