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3.3 Academic Promotions, Honorary and Adjunct Titles Policy

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Academic Promotions, Honorary and Adjunct Titles Policy


The University is a people-centred community which is attentive to the growth of our diverse academic staff and the flourishing of their careers. This policy outlines our commitment to:

  • promoting academic staff to recognise and reward demonstrated and sustained high levels of performance, impact, engagement and achievement which contribute to the University’s strategic goals and priorities
  • recognising exceptional and outstanding contributions to the University made by academic staff during their University careers
  • enriching our academic community and building connections with colleagues in other institutions, industry and our community through honorary appointments made to individuals making an ongoing contribution to the academic work of the University.
1 Academic promotionResponsible
1.1 The University’s academic staff promotion process provides a potential career pathway for all academic staff. Provost
1.2 All applications for promotion are assessed transparently, consistently and on merit by committees of senior academic staff acting without bias or conflict of interest and in accordance with approved University procedure. Provost
1.3 Promotion is approved by the Vice-Chancellor based on an assessment of evidence of the applicant’s internal and external impact and achievement and their record of behaviour consistent with the University’s values. Provost
1.4 Academic staff appointments and the contributions flowing from them are diverse, and disciplinary requirements vary in the contemporary university. The promotion process therefore recognises, and seeks to reward, impact and achievement relative to agreed responsibilities; opportunity; and across a range of activities including teaching, research, leadership and professional, industry and community engagement. Provost
1.5 The academic promotion process assesses an individual’s academic career progression, impact, and achievements, informed with close reference to data, career stage, and rigorous internal and external peer assessment. It is a merit-based assessment of an individual’s contribution, calibrated to institutional and wider sectoral norms. A school’s budget standing is not a factor relevant in the assessment of an application for academic promotion. Provost
2 Academic honorary and adjunct titles 
2.1 Academic honorary titles are conferred on recently retired or current University of Tasmania professorial staff to recognise and reward exceptional and sustained contributions to the institution and outstanding service and leadership. Provost
2.2 Academic adjunct titles are conferred on individuals outside the University of Tasmania who make an active and ongoing contribution to the work of the University and the achievement of the University’s strategic priorities. Provost
2.3 Academic honorary and adjunct titles are awarded by the University on merit. Provost
2.4 All academic honorary and adjunct title holders comply with all University rules, policies, procedures, guidelines, codes of conduct and relevant legislation and regulation during their term of appointment. Provost

Definitions and acronyms:   academic adjunct title

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