Marketing and events

Your information may be collected and used by the University through its marketing activities and at University events.

The University may collect your information from you personally through online competitions, forms we ask you to fill out, and when you make an enquiry with the University as some examples.

Through this collection, the University may send you information about our offerings, events and follow up on any questions you may have asked us.

You may see advertisements of our services and course offerings on third party websites including social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. Where you see an advertisement on a third party website or social media platform, this may be because we engaged the third party or social media platform to show this advertisement to you or people who have similar attributes to you.

The University may collect your information at our events. This may include through the University taking photos or videos of our events, asking you to fill out a form, or even through your registration to an event. The University may use your information to contact you and let you know about what we are doing and instances where you might be interested in our activities. Your personal information may be disclosed through distribution of the photos or videos taken at our events where used to promote the University’s activities. You will generally see signs at the events which indicate that the University is taking photos or filming, and if you do not wish to be included in photos or videos to speak to one of the University’s staff who are present.

The University may collect and use your information for market research purposes collected through any of our marketing and events activities. This may also include using University systems.

The University may use this information for several purposes. A non-exhaustive list includes:

  1. Contacting you about our offerings;
  2. Linking your information with information we may have about you already;
  3. Direct marketing purposes;
  4. Market research so we can understand how we can do better.