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Til Baalisampang

Lecturer in Maritime Systems and Safety Engineering
National Centre of Maritime Engineering and Hydrodynamics

Room G88 , Swanson Building

+613 6324 9513 (phone)

Currently working as the lecturer in Maritime Systems and Safety Engineering at the Australian Maritime College (AMC). Actively supervising honours and Master students. Publishing in reputable ERA (Excellence in Research Australia) ranked journals.


  • Completed a bachelor’s degree in Science from North Bengal University in 2006.
  • Worked as a high school math and science teacher for three years in Nepal.
  • In 2014 obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Marine and Offshore) with Honours from the University of Tasmania (TAS).
  • In 2019 obtained a PhD in Maritime Engineering from UTAS, and took up a full-time position at UTAS.
  • Currently focussing on both teaching and research.

Career summary


  • PhD (2019) ‘Evolving accidents scenario modelling in complex processing facilities
  • BEng (Hons) (2014) University of Tasmania
  • BSc (2006) Siliguri College, North Bengal University

Languages (other than English)



Professional practice

  • Engineers Australia
  • The American Society of Mechanical Engineers


  • Golden Key International Honour Society
  • Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators


Thermal engineering, Design of Offshore Systems, Management of Engineering Projects, Oil and Gas Production, Subsea Engineering

Teaching expertise

  • Marine and Offshore systems
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Thermal and Fluid Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Thermodynamics and heat transfer
  • Project Management

Teaching responsibility

JEE223 Thermal Engineering

JEE361 Design of Offshore Systems

JEE492 Special Topics in Ocean Engineering

JEE505 Management of Engineering Projects

Research Invitations

Regularly receives invitations to review papers from various journals, including: Ocean Engineering, Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, Process Safety and Environmental Protection, Process Safety Progress, ASME ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Fire Safety, Safety in Extreme Environments

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Dr Til Baalisampang’s major areas of research expertise are in areas of marine and offshore operations and safety. He has research experience in the areas of process risk assessment and management. He also has a good working knowledge of Combustion Science, CFD modelling and risk and reliability engineering.

Research Themes

  • Process risk modelling, assessment and management
  • Inherent safety
  • Environmental engineering
  • Fire Safety Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering


  • Rob Lewis Award for excellence in Postgraduate Research – 2019
  • Graduate Research Conference and Research Travel Scheme, Round 2 – 2017
  • Young Gastech Award – 2017

Current projects

Dr Baalisampang has successfully supervised Honours students. This has included not only assisting them with research direction and techniques, but also teaching them academic writing, preparation of presentations, and correct formatting of a thesis.

Fields of Research

  • Ocean engineering (401503)
  • Air pollution modelling and control (401101)
  • Marine engineering (401501)
  • Risk engineering (401005)
  • Petroleum and reservoir engineering (401907)
  • Data visualisation and computational (incl. parametric and generative) design (330301)
  • Ship and platform structures (incl. maritime hydrodynamics) (401504)
  • Naval architecture (401502)
  • Special vehicles (401505)
  • Nanophotonics (401809)
  • Numerical modelling and mechanical characterisation (401706)
  • Acoustics and noise control (excl. architectural acoustics) (401701)

Research Objectives

  • Oil and gas exploration (170203)
  • Expanding knowledge in engineering (280110)
  • Environmentally sustainable mineral resource activities (250199)
  • Other environmental management (189999)
  • Oil and gas extraction (170603)
  • Wind energy (170808)
  • Water safety (270410)
  • Energy storage, distribution and supply (170399)
  • Energy efficiency (170199)
  • Energy systems and analysis (170305)
  • Rehabilitation or conservation of marine environments (180507)
  • Transport energy efficiency (170104)
  • Wave energy (170807)
  • Tidal energy (170806)
  • Energy services and utilities (170303)
  • Composite materials (240304)
  • Coated metal and metal-coated products (240701)


Journal papers – 9

Book chapter – 3

Conference paper – 1

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Total publications


Journal Article

(9 outputs)
2021Baalisampang T, Saliba E, Salehi F, Garaniya V, Chen L, 'Optimisation of smoke extraction system in fire scenarios using CFD modelling', Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 149 pp. 508-517. ISSN 0957-5820 (2021) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1016/j.psep.2020.11.036 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 3Web of Science - 3

Co-authors: Garaniya V


2019Baalisampang T, Abbassi R, Garaniya V, Khan F, Dadashzadeh M, 'Accidental release of Liquefied Natural Gas in a processing facility: effect of equipment congestion level on dispersion behaviour of the flammable vapour', Journal of Loss Prevention in The Process Industries, 61 pp. 237-248. ISSN 0950-4230 (2019) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1016/j.jlp.2019.07.001 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 13Web of Science - 13

Co-authors: Garaniya V; Khan F


2019Baalisampang T, Abbassi R, Garaniya V, Khan FI, Dadashzadeh M, 'Modelling an integrated impact of fire, explosion and combustion products during transitional events caused by an accidental release of LNG', Process Safety and Environmental Protection, 128 pp. 259-272. ISSN 0957-5820 (2019) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1016/j.psep.2019.06.005 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 42Web of Science - 39

Co-authors: Garaniya V; Khan FI


2019Baalisampang T, Khan F, Abbassi R, Garaniya V, 'Methodology to analyse LNG spill on steel structure in congested marine offshore facility', Journal of Loss Prevention in The Process Industries, 62 Article 103936. ISSN 0950-4230 (2019) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1016/j.jlp.2019.103936 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 7Web of Science - 5

Co-authors: Khan F; Garaniya V


2019Lim JW, Baalisampang T, Garaniya V, Abbassi R, Khan F, et al., 'Numerical analysis of performances of passive fire protections in processing facilities', Journal of Loss Prevention in The Process Industries, 62 Article 103970. ISSN 0950-4230 (2019) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1016/j.jlp.2019.103970 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 9Web of Science - 8

Co-authors: Garaniya V


2019Tan JW, Garaniya V, Baalisampang T, Abbassi R, Khan F, et al., 'Modeling impacts of combustion products on humans in complex processing facilities', Process Safety Progress, 39, (S1) Article e12114. ISSN 1066-8527 (2019) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1002/prs.12114 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 3Web of Science - 3

Co-authors: Garaniya V


2018Baalisampang T, Abbassi R, Garaniya V, Khan F, Dadashzadeh M, 'Review and analysis of fire and explosion accidents in maritime transportation', Ocean Engineering, 158 pp. 350-366. ISSN 0029-8018 (2018) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1016/j.oceaneng.2018.04.022 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 48Web of Science - 47

Co-authors: Garaniya V


2017Baalisampang T, Abbassi R, Garaniya V, Khan F, Dadashzadeh M, 'Fire impact assessment in FLNG processing facilities using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)', Fire Safety Journal, 92 pp. 42-52. ISSN 0379-7112 (2017) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1016/j.firesaf.2017.05.012 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 28Web of Science - 29

Co-authors: Abbassi R; Garaniya V; Khan F


2016Baalisampang T, Khan F, Garaniya V, Chai S, Abbassi R, 'An inherently safer layout design for the liquefaction process of an FLNG plant', International Journal of Maritime Engineering (Transactions of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects: Part A), 158, (Part A2) pp. 91-102. ISSN 1740-0716 (2016) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.3940/rina.ijme.2016.a2.345 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 12Web of Science - 10

Co-authors: Khan F; Garaniya V; Chai S; Abbassi R


Chapter in Book

(3 outputs)
2021Baalisampang T, Abbassi R, Garaniya V, 'Approaches to domino effects evolution and risk assessment', Methods in Chemical Process Safety, Elsevier, F Khan, V Cozzani and G Reniers (ed), London, pp. 395-420. ISBN 978-0-323-91515-1 (2021) [Research Book Chapter]

DOI: 10.1016/bs.mcps.2021.05.012 [eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: Garaniya V


2020Garaniya V, Lim JW, Baalisampang T, Abbassi R, 'Numerical assessment of passive fire protection in an oil and gas storage facility', Advances in Industrial Safety: Select Proceedings of HSFEA 2018, Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd., FI Khan, SM Tauseef, NA Siddiqui and BP Yadav (ed), Singapore, pp. 1-21. ISBN 978-981-15-6851-0 (2020) [Research Book Chapter]

DOI: 10.1007/978-981-15-6852-7 [eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: Garaniya V


2018Baalisampang T, Abbassi R, Khan FI, 'Overview of marine and offshore safety', Methods in Chemical Process Safety, Elsevier, F Khan (ed), United Kingdom, pp. 1-97. ISBN 978-0-12-814027-7 (2018) [Research Book Chapter]

DOI: 10.1016/bs.mcps.2018.04.001 [eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: Khan FI


Conference Publication

(1 outputs)
2017Baalisampang T, Abbassi R, Garaniya V, Khan F, Dadashzadeh M, 'Modelling the impacts of fire in a typical FLNG processing facility', Proceedings of the International Conference on Safety and Fire Engineering (SAFE'17), 27-28 April 2017, Kochi, Kerala, India, pp. C1.1-C1.10. ISBN 978-93-80095-96-7 (2017) [Refereed Conference Paper]

[eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: Abbassi R; Garaniya V; Khan F


Grants & Funding

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Funding Summary

Number of grants


Total funding



Bass Offshore Wind Energy (BOWE) Zone Reviews (2021)$12,204
The project aims at conducting a high-level analysis and a comprehensive literature review on three potential zones for offshore wind developments in Tasmania in terms of site-specific environmental parameters and supporting information about supply chain and logistics. The outcomes of this study will better inform decision-makers and developers on the feasibility and suitability of such zones for offshore wind developments in Tasmania.
Brookvale Energy ($12,204)
Administered By
University of Tasmania
Research Team
Garaniya V; Abdussamie N; Arzaghi E; Tolooiyan AS; Chen S; Baalisampang T
A Risk-Based Digital-Twins Framework for Reliability Assessment of Multi-Purpose Offshore Facilities (2021 - 2024)$90,000
The aim of this project is to investigate the use of the Digital Twins (DT) concept for reliability assessmentof an integrated/co-located Multi-purpose offshore platform/facility (MPOP) considering different riskassociated involved components of the framework. The DT is an emerging area of research in the offshoreindustry with different applications in system optimisation, predictive maintenance and life-cyclesimulations. This research will assess the application of DT for reliability assessment of MPOPs, includinga study on risk associated with uncertain/incomplete physical models and other parameters used within theDT framework. Moreover, it will provide a comprehensive report on risk mitigation strategies for having areliable DT framework.At the first stage of the project, different requirements for the implementation of the MPOP DT concept willbe identified (literature review). In the next stage, the risk associated with each sub-system of the MPOPDT framework including, but not limited to, the structural, environmental and operational models used withinthe framework will be identified. This stage is more focussed on data collection, data analysis and structureand failure modelling using different reliability analysis methods. Subsequently, the cumulative impact ofthe investigated risks on the predictions obtained by the DT (using risk-based modelling, e.g. usingBayesian Networks) will be modelled. Finally, solutions for mitigating the risks will be provided (usingdifferent sensitivity analysis methods). This includes recommendations on the use of specific sensors onspecific locations of the system, better selection of the design parameters etc. Ultimately, the output of theresearch will guide a way for the efficient use of the DT concept for reliability assurance of an MPOP.
Blue Economy CRC Co ($90,000)
Grant-PhD Scholarship
Administered By
University of Tasmania
Research Team
Garaniya V; Baalisampang T; Aryai V; Abbassi R
2021 - 2024
Thermal Oil Heating System Energy Balance: Spirit of Tasmania Vessels (2020 - 2021)$8,261
The Spirit of Tasmania operated by TT Line Company Pty. Ltd. uses a low sulphur fuel oil to comply with the 1 January 2020 low sulphur limit. This new fuel type has resulted in operational changes on the vessel that affect the Heating Load requirements of the installed Thermal Oil Heating System. The thermal oil heating system on the vessels provides heating for hotel services, auxiliary equipment and most importantly heating required for burning traditional bunker fuels in the ships diesel engines.The low sulphur fuel oil does not require as much heating in comparison to heavy fuel oil. The projects aim is to undertake an energy balance on the thermal oil heating system to quantify the savings at sea and port. The energy audit will further provide answer for the following questions.1.How much has been saved in energy, fuel consumption and greenhouse gas terms due to the reduction in fuel heating because of burning low sulphur fuel oil?2.Can any improvements be made to the 20-year-old Thermal Oil System to optimise its performance due to the reduced demand for heating?3.Are there any operational changes that could be affected due to the reduced heating demand?4.Can the thermal oil system be heated to a temperature lower than 190 ⁰C?5.Knowing what we know now, are there any new technologies that could be implemented to make further savings?
TT-Line Company Pty ($8,261)
Contract Research
Administered By
University of Tasmania
Research Team
Garaniya V; Baalisampang T; Islam TR; Anantharaman MP; Arzaghi E
2020 - 2021

Research Supervision




PhDRisk-based Maintenance Scheduling in Offshore Operations2020
PhDModelling Impacts of LNG Leakages and Safety Measures in FLNG Processing Facilities2021
PhDSafe Design: Multi-purpose offshore platforms2021