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Alison Hayman

PhD Candidate


Deer in forestry landscapes - Autonomous detection and deterrent devices for browsing management in forested landscapes

This project will deliver an innovative solution to the management of problem browsing mammals in forested landscape, using deer as a test case. Deer are a serious cost to the forestry industry due to browsing, bark-stripping and antler rubbing of trees leading to a dramatic reduction in tree growth, changes in tree form and tree death. Current methods including lethal control are expensive and pose work, and health and safety concerns.

This project will develop and field test best practice surveillance, detection and deterrent technologies and develop new options to decrease damage in forest landscapes. Robiotics-inspired automated detection devices shall be developed and tested (e.g. thermal and colour cameras, acoustics) in coupes. Novel autonomous deterrent devices shall then be developed and pilot tested in browsed landscapes.

The project is a collaborative project with Forest and Wood Products Australia, Hancock Victorian Plantations, University of Sydney, and funded through the NIFPI Gippsland Centre. The field work is based in North East Victoria and shall be primarily undertaken in Radiata pine plantations.