Maria Alejandra Gutierrez Zorrilla

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María Alejandra Gutierrez Zorrilla

PhD Candidate

Room 349 , Life Sciences Building

Avian habitat use under disturbance

All species are subjected to alterations or disturbance in their habitat affecting the way a community behaves. In birds, alterations to their habitat results in changes in their biology, physiology and ecology. This project will use the DEEPs camera trap (CT) network, arrayed around the southern and western parts of Tasmania, to explore the bird community composition and dynamics in response to different types of disturbance, making use of CT’s data from 2018-present. Camera data will be complemented with traditional bird surveys (e.g., point observations over a fixed time and other remote-detection options like audio recordings). This project will cover different habitat types (e.g., dry and wet forest, rainforest and buttongrass plains) as well as different types of disturbance (e.g., response to fire, forestry and other human activities).