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Eric Sivret

Lecturer in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Room Level ,2 Room 225 , School of Engineering

03 6226 2899 (phone)

Dr. Eric Sivret is a Lecturer in the school of engineering. His research revolves around the question of how might we apply advanced monitoring and modelling techniques to improve the quality of environments and better manage waste? Eric’s research philosophy is rooted in a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to understanding complex environmental engineering problems and he collaborates with scientists and engineers across a range of fields.

Eric’s research focuses on three main areas: (1) improving the operation and control of wastewater treatment process and sewer systems; (2) understanding emerging issues related to the disposal of wastes; and (3) understanding the impacts of indoor environments on occupant health and wellbeing.


Over the last 20 years, Eric has worked both as an environmental consultant and as a researcher across a range of subject areas. The driving theme to his career has been delivering data driven projects to provide private and public-sector clients with novel solutions to practical problems.

Following completion of his PhD, Eric was a Senior Research Associate at the UNSW Water Research Centre. There he led projects to answer research questions related to environmental odours, indoor environmental quality, sewer network and wastewater treatment plant odour abatement, and biosolids handling/disposal. During this time Eric collaborated broadly across the wastewater industry and developed a portfolio of industry funded contract research projects. In his current role at UTAS, Eric is developing applied research themes related to waste and the management of emissions to the environment that are embedded in the Tasmanian context and relevant to the broader industry.

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Off-Gas Nitrous Oxide Monitoring for Nitrification Aeration Control

University of New South Wales





University of New Brunswick



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Engineers Australia (EA)

Australian Water Association (AWA)


Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Air Quality, Environmental Odours, Sewers, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Engineering, Process Design, Project Management.

Teaching expertise

Eric is experienced in teaching across a range of engineering subject areas including engineering design, environmental engineering, and wastewater treatment processes.

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Wastewater treatment and sewer systems

Odours analysis and control

Sampling and analysis of air for volatile organic compounds and volatile sulfur compounds

Indoor environmental quality

Research Themes

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Eric's research primarily aligns to the University's research theme of Environment, Resources and Sustainability. During his research career he had delivered a wide range of projects that enabled industry to improve the management of emissions from a wide range of sources including wastewater treatment processes, sewer networks, food processing facilities, composting facilities, and landfills. Eric’s research focuses on applying advanced monitoring and modelling techniques to improve the quality of environments and better manage the emissions (noise, odour, biosolids, and wastewater) from industry. His research interests also include improving indoor environments to enhance occupant satisfaction, wellbeing, and productivity.


Eric was responsible for the delivery of the odour components of the SCORe (sewer corrosion and odour research) ARC Linkage project that has been internationally recognised for its contributions to the water industry and the wider field of Engineering. This project was awarded the International Water Association (IWA) Asia Pacific Regional Project Innovation Award for Applied Research and the International Water Association (IWA) Global Project Innovation Award (Applied Research).

Fields of Research

  • Wastewater treatment processes (400410)
  • Environmentally sustainable engineering (401102)
  • Environmental management (410499)
  • Environmental engineering (401199)
  • Pollution and contamination (410599)
  • Atmospheric composition, chemistry and processes (370104)

Research Objectives

  • Water recycling services (incl. sewage and greywater) (110503)


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(24 outputs)
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