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Matthew Springer

Lecturer, Deputy BICT Coordinator
Faculty Equity and Diversity Committee Member
Information & Communication Technology

Room 166 , Building V

+61 3 6324 3653 (phone)

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Fields of Research

  • Science, technology and engineering curriculum and pedagogy (390113)
  • Applications in health (460102)
  • Human information interaction and retrieval (461003)
  • Computing education (460804)
  • Serious games (460706)
  • Computer vision (460304)
  • Land use and environmental planning (330404)
  • Communications engineering (400699)
  • Artificial intelligence (460299)
  • Information retrieval and web search (460508)
  • Cyberphysical systems and internet of things (460603)
  • Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges, histories, culture, country, perspectives and ethics in education (450213)
  • Women's studies (incl. girls' studies) (440509)
  • Entrepreneurship (350704)
  • Work integrated learning (incl. internships) (390115)
  • Human-centred computing (460899)
  • Technical, further and workplace education (390308)

Research Objectives

  • Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum (160301)
  • Artificial intelligence (220403)
  • Higher education (160102)
  • Teacher and instructor development (160303)
  • Ageing and older people (230102)
  • Other manufacturing (249999)
  • Terrestrial biodiversity (180606)
  • Information systems, technologies and services (220499)
  • Management (150302)
  • Animation, video games and computer generated imagery services (220501)
  • Other environmental management (189999)
  • Gender aspects in education (160202)
  • Workforce transition and employment (160206)
  • Information systems (220408)
  • Equity and access to education (160201)
  • Technological and organisational innovation (150306)


Total publications


Journal Article

(7 outputs)
2022Maqsood S, Xu S, Tran S, Garg S, Springer M, et al., 'A survey: from shallow to deep machine learning approaches for blood pressure estimation using biosensors', Expert Systems With Applications, 197 Article 116788. ISSN 0957-4174 (2022) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1016/j.eswa.2022.116788 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 6Web of Science - 5

Co-authors: Maqsood S; Xu S; Tran S; Garg S; Mohawesh R


2022de Salas K, Ashbarry L, Seabourne M, Lewis I, Wells L, et al., 'Improving environmental outcomes with games: an exploration of behavioural and technological design and evaluation approaches', Simulation & Gaming, 53, (5) pp. 470-512. ISSN 1046-8781 (2022) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1177/10468781221114160 [eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: de Salas K; Ashbarry L; Seabourne M; Lewis I; Wells L; Dermoudy J; Roehrer E; Sauer JD; Scott J


2021Maqsood S, Xu S, Springer M, Mohawesh R, 'A benchmark study of machine learning for analysis of signal feature extraction techniques for blood pressure estimation using photoplethysmography (PPG)', IEEE Access, 9 pp. 138817-138833. ISSN 2169-3536 (2021) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3117969 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 5Web of Science - 4

Co-authors: Maqsood S; Xu S; Mohawesh R


2021Mohawesh R, Xu S, Tran SN, Ollington R, Springer M, et al., 'Fake reviews detection: A survey', IEEE Access, 9 pp. 65771-65802. ISSN 2169-3536 (2021) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3075573 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 27Web of Science - 11

Co-authors: Mohawesh R; Xu S; Tran SN; Ollington R; Maqsood S


2020Li J, Maiti A, Springer M, Gray T, 'Blockchain for supply chain quality management: challenges and opportunities in context of open manufacturing and industrial internet of things', International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, 33, (12) pp. 1321-1355. ISSN 0951-192X (2020) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1080/0951192X.2020.1815853 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 36Web of Science - 31

Co-authors: Li J; Maiti A; Gray T


2020Wei Y, Tran S, Xu S, Kang B, Springer M, 'Deep learning for retail product recognition: challenges and techniques', Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, 2020 Article ID 8875910. ISSN 1687-5265 (2020) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1155/2020/8875910 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 16Web of Science - 13

Co-authors: Wei Y; Tran S; Xu S; Kang B


2019Stone C, Springer M, 'Interactivity, connectedness and 'teacher-presence': engaging and retaining students online', Australian Journal of Adult Learning, 59, (2) pp. 146-169. ISSN 1443-1394 (2019) [Refereed Article]

[eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 42Web of Science - 22


Conference Publication

(7 outputs)
2022Herbert N, Lin Z, Pratik P, Springer M, 'Why embedding Indigenous cultural awareness in ICT curriculum is an imperative', ACE 2022 - 24th Australasian Computing Education Conference Proceedings, 14-18 February 2022, Online, pp. 191-200. ISBN 9781450396431 (2022) [Refereed Conference Paper]

DOI: 10.1145/3511861.3511882 [eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: Herbert N; Lin Z; Pratik P


2016Brown M, Springer M, 'Measuring flow in an interactive tangible touch table environment', Proceedings of the 28th Australian Conference on Computer-Human Interaction (OzCHI 2016), 29 November - 02 December 2016, Launceston, Tasmania, pp. 634-636. ISBN 978-1-4503-4618-4 (2016) [Refereed Conference Paper]

DOI: 10.1145/3010915.3011845 [eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: Brown M


2013Herbert N, Dermoudy J, Ellis L, Cameron-Jones M, Chinthammit W, et al., 'Stakeholder-Led Curriculum Redesign', Proceedings of the 15th Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE 2013), 29 January - 1 February 2013, Adelaide, Australia, pp. 51-58. ISBN 978-1-921770-21-0 (2013) [Refereed Conference Paper]

[eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: Herbert N; Dermoudy J; Ellis L; Cameron-Jones M; Chinthammit W; Lewis I; de Salas K


2013Herbert N, de Salas K, Lewis I, Cameron-Jones M, Chinthammit W, et al., 'Identifying career outcomes as the first step in ICT curricula development', Proceedings of the 15th Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE 2013), 29 January - 1 February 2013, Adelaide, Australia, pp. 31-40. ISBN 978-1-921770-21-0 (2013) [Refereed Conference Paper]

[eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: Herbert N; de Salas K; Lewis I; Cameron-Jones M; Chinthammit W; Dermoudy J; Ellis L


2013Lewis I, de Salas K, Herbert N, Chinthammit W, Dermoudy J, et al., 'Development of ICT curricula through graduate career outcomes and required skills', Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Engineering, 22-25 July 2013, Las Vegas, USA, pp. 1-7. ISBN 1-60132-235-6 (2013) [Refereed Conference Paper]

[eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: Lewis I; de Salas K; Herbert N; Chinthammit W; Dermoudy J; Ellis L


2013de Salas K, Lewis I, Dermoudy J, Herbert N, Ellis L, et al., 'Designing the modern ICT curriculum: Opportunities and challenges', Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2013), 15-18 December 2013, Milan, Italy, pp. 1-12. (2013) [Refereed Conference Paper]

[eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: de Salas K; Lewis I; Dermoudy J; Herbert N; Ellis L; Chinthammit W


2002Springer ML, Spencer S, 'Paradigm Shifts in Continuity Planning', Proceedings of the Thirteenth Australasian Conference on Information Systems, 4-6 December 2002, Melbourne, pp. 1093-1100. ISBN 1 86272 615 9 (2002) [Refereed Conference Paper]

[eCite] [Details]


(1 outputs)
2010Springer ML, 'User Centred Design and Aged care: A case study investigation into aged care nurses information systems user needs within five Tasmanian aged care facilities ' (2010) [PhD]

[eCite] [Details]

Other Public Output

(1 outputs)
2018Roehrer E, Kendal D, Elliott C, Pharo E, Springer M, et al., 'Making Hobart a smart place: a healthy, just and ecological approach to smart cities', Workshop held at the Education Pod, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, University of Tasmania, Hobart (2018) [Report Other]

[eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: Roehrer E; Kendal D; Elliott C; Pharo E; Schofield L; Scanlan JD; Cleland V

Grants & Funding

Funding Summary

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Total funding



Embedding Indigenous knowledge and perspectives within Syndicate curriculum (2021)$19,816
University of Tasmania ($19,816)
Administered By
University of Tasmania
Research Team
Power J; Springer ML; McHenry MT; Steen A; Norrie H; Roehrer EL; Herbert N; Dermoudy J; Anders RJ; Yeom SJ

Research Supervision






PhDMachine Learning Approaches for Bio-signal Analytics to Estimate Blood Pressure2020


PhDMachine Learning Approaches for Fake Online Reviews Detection
Candidate: Rami Issa Mohammed Mohawesh
PhDExploring Collaborative In-store Shopping with Remote Shopping Partners: A case study with meat consumers
Candidate: Shahan Ahmad Chowdhury