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Lecturer in Law
Tasmanian School of Business & Economics

Room 325, Centenary Building, Sandy Bay Campus

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A spotlight on the business end of regulation

The shifting safety net.

“We’ve always been very highly regulated in Australia,” says Simone Bingham, a lecturer in commercial law and accountability at the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics.

“It’s a good thing for someone like me who loves regulation, but we need ways to make businesses and employees understand their obligations, and why it’s a good thing to comply with regulation.”

Having spent 13 years as a practising lawyer, followed by more than 17 years as an academic at the University of Tasmania, Dr Blackman has been on both sides of the divide in her career.

Her focus now is on understanding Australian business needs related to corporate governance, regulation, and commercial and business law, and translating the best ways to keep up with constantly shifting legislation.

“The law changes all the time in Australia. In business, if you’re breaking the law, you might not know it, and it can be a real burden,” she explains.

“We're looking at how we can make businesspeople and non-businesspeople comply with regulation. We’re interested in the psychological aspects of it – not only in terms of why it’s good to comply, but also to understand the purpose of regulation. It’s a real business focus.'

You only have to look back 10 years to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) to see one of the best examples of regulation at work, where Australia’s highly regulated financial sector managed to avoid the tremendous pitfalls that engulfed financial giants in the US at catastrophic rates.

Dr Blackman found that, in Australia, instead of encouraging the adoption of new attitudes and regulatory practices, the GFC revealed the effectiveness of those that were already in play, and further reinforced them.

“We wanted to know, after the GFC, did large firms in Australia think directors needed to be more financially and legally astute? We looked at the shift in skills to find out if firms were becoming more aware of the impact of unskilled directors and the need for regulation,” she says.

'We interviewed directors and found that, in Australia, they’ve always been aware of the need to be very fluent across regulation. We concluded that firms have always been careful here.'

Dr Blackman is now investigating the place of regulation in an area that’s particularly close to her heart – dog breeding .

As a long-time breeder of Italian Greyhounds, she knows how a lack of regulation can hurt new owners and the dogs themselves, and after five years of investigation into the industry, she’s about to publish her PhD thesis on the subject.

'My PhD is about the regulation of dog breeding in Australia. I’m looking at how it can improve outcomes for dogs, puppies, and the people buying them,” she says.

“This will have impact on the industry, as I’m advocating for changes to occur, and have had input from many stakeholder groups about how we can tighten up on puppy farms and bad breeding practices.”

Any expert in law and regulation can tell you that having the right knowledge is key to compliance, and training the next generation of lawyers, accountants, and businesspeople is a crucial part of Dr Blackman’s role at the University.

And having won numerous teaching awards at a Faculty level, in addition to a nomination for a Carrick citation for her teaching, it’s something that she’s particularly effective at.

'I’ve got good people skills, and I'm very happy to continue to learn. I can understand where the students are coming from and say, ‘This is the journey we can all expect,’” she says.

This is especially important where international students are concerned, Dr Blackman adds, to ensure that they’re given the support they need to navigate unfamiliar business cultures as they prepare to step out into the workforce.

'When I was at university all those years ago, I didn’t learn the practical skills that I needed in the workforce,” she recalls.

“You not only have to give students the 'hard skills’, such as teaching them about auditing and financial accounting, but you also need to give them the 'soft skills’, like time management, people skills, and critical thinking.'

'It’s a bit of a buzzword, but we want to make our students 'work-ready’.'

Simone is a lecturer with the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics. She teaches in the arrears of commercial and business law, corporate governance, regulation. Simone is undertaking her PhD with the Faculty of Law on a part time basis.  Simone's thesis explores the role and effectiveness of regulation in dog breeding.


Simone graduated from the University of Tasmania in 1990 with a combined Economics and Law degree. She completed the legal practice course and worked as a family/commercial /planning and probate lawyer in Hobart unit 2002. Simone joined the School of Accounting and Finance in 2002 and has been employed by that school, now part of the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics since that time.

She has won numerous teaching awards at Faculty level and been nominated for a Carrick citation for her teaching. She has taught a large number of different units for the school in commercial law, corporate governance, regulation, taxation and financial management.

Career summary


DegreeTitle of ThesisUniversityCountryAwarded
BComm (Hons) University of TasmaniaAustralia2004
GradCertLegPrac University of TasmaniaAustralia1991
BEc-LLB University of TasmaniaAustralia1990


Professional practice

  • Member: State Library and Archive Trust

Committee associations

  • Member:  Tasmanian Canine Association
  • Member and Treasurer: Huon and Channel Kennel Club

Administrative expertise

Simone was a partner in the law firm Worrall Bingham and Oakley prior to becoming an academic. She was staff partner so has developed effective communication skills. She was a casual mediator with Relationships Australia for over ten years so have developed effective mediation skills.


Commercial transactions, business law, law for managers, finance for managers, financial management, international regulation, corporate law and regulation, introduction to corporate governance, regulatory compliance and taxation

Teaching expertise

Simone has taught across approximately 10 units offered by the Faculty of Business (now TSBE) Including, commercial transactions, business law, law for managers, finance for managers, financial management, international regulation, corporate law and regulation, introduction to corporate governance, regulatory compliance and taxation.

She has successfully completed the unit – University Teaching, done as part of her Graduate Certificate in Research.

Teaching responsibility

In 2015 Simone was the unit coordinator for:

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  • Corporate Governance
  • Scholarship of Teaching
  • Animal Law
  • Regulatory Studies

Research Themes

Simone has undertaken research in the areas of corporate governance and in the scholarship of learning and teaching. Simone's PhD topic is a cross disciplinary one,  using social legal research to consider from a regulatory studies view the effectiveness of the current regulatory framework that regulates both hobby and commercial dog breeders. She also considers the role of consumer law in assisting dog buyers who have purchased a puppy that has genetic or physical issues reducing its quality as  a companion animal.

Current projects

Simone is currently undertaking her PhD.

Fields of Research

  • Accounting, Auditing and Accountability (150199)
  • Public Policy (160510)
  • Sustainability Accounting and Reporting (150106)
  • Animal Breeding (070201)
  • Higher Education (130103)
  • Financial Accounting (150103)
  • Education (139999)
  • Environmental and Natural Resources Law (180111)
  • Law (180199)
  • Animal Management (070203)
  • Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Engagement (150303)
  • Auditing and Accountability (150102)
  • Law and Society (180119)

Research Objectives

  • Public Services Policy Advice and Analysis (940204)
  • Teaching and Instruction (930299)
  • Expanding Knowledge in Philosophy and Religious Studies (970122)
  • Expanding Knowledge in Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services (970115)
  • Animal Welfare (839901)
  • Expanding Knowledge in Law and Legal Studies (970118)
  • Law Reform (940405)
  • Education and Training Systems (930599)
  • Justice and the Law (940499)
  • Pedagogy (930201)
  • Management (910402)


Total publications


Journal Article

(3 outputs)
2019Englefield B, Blackman SA, Starling M, McGreevy PD, 'A review of Australian animal welfare legislation, regulation, codes of practice, and policy, and their influence on stakeholders caring for wildlife and the animals for whom they care', Animals, 9, (6) pp. 335. ISSN 2076-2615 (2019) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.3390/ani9060335 [eCite] [Details]


2015Williams B, Bingham S, Shimeld S, 'Corporate Governance, the GFC and independent directors', Managerial Auditing Journal, 30, (4/5) pp. 324-346. ISSN 0268-6902 (2015) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1108/MAJ-05-2014-1030 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 3Web of Science - 3

Co-authors: Williams B; Shimeld S


2013Minas J, Shimeld S, Bingham S, 'Using one-on-one interviews in tax teaching', Journal of the Australasian Tax Teachers Association, 8, (1) pp. 55-76. ISSN 1832-911X (2013) [Refereed Article]

[eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: Minas J; Shimeld S


Chapter in Book

(3 outputs)
2008Bingham SA, 'Regulating Intellectuall Property Rights', Regulating International Business, Pearson Education Australia, PGH, Carroll and RG, Eccleston (ed), Sydney, pp. 73-93. ISBN 9780733986185 (2008) [Other Book Chapter]

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2008Bingham SA, 'Regulating Corporate Governance', Regulating International Business, Pearson Education, Carroll, PGH and Eccleston, RG (ed), Australia, pp. 111-137. ISBN 978-0-7339-8618-5 (2008) [Other Book Chapter]

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Conference Publication

(5 outputs)
2013Minas JW, Shimeld SF, Bingham SA, 'Using one-on-one interviews in tax teaching', Australasian Tax Teachers Association Conference Website, 23-25 January 2013, The University of Auckland, New Zealand (2013) [Non Refereed Conference Paper]

[eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: Minas JW; Shimeld SF

2013Williams BR, Bingham SA, Shimeld SF, 'The accountability role of independent directors and the GFC: Evidence from corporate governance disclosures', 12th A-CSEAR Conference, 01 - 03 December 2013, Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand, pp. 1-22. (2013) [Non Refereed Conference Paper]

[eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: Williams BR; Shimeld SF

2012Shimeld S, Bingham S, Minas J, 'Exploring Assessment: an intervention', RMIT Accounting Educators' Conference 2012 Handbook, 19 November 2012, Melbourne, Victoria, pp. 1-22. (2012) [Non Refereed Conference Paper]

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Co-authors: Shimeld S; Minas J

2007Meyers NM, Smith BN, Bingham SA, Shimeld SF, 'Proceedings of the Second Innovation in Accounting and Corporate Governance Education Conference', University of Tasmania, 31 Jan - 2 Feb 2007, Hobart Tasmania, pp. CD-ROM. ISSN 7777-7777 (2007) [Conference Edited]

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Co-authors: Meyers NM; Smith BN; Shimeld SF

2005Bingham SA, Hicks BJ, 'Education and Training in the Tasmanian Real Estate Industry: Does it have a Compliance Focus?', Proceedings of Australasian Compliance Institutes Annual Conference, 1-2 September 2005, Melbourne, Australia EJ (2005) [Non Refereed Conference Paper]

[eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: Hicks BJ

Other Public Output

(1 outputs)
2014Williams B, Bingham S, Shimeld S, 'Independent Directors in Australia: A Changing landscape?', Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, Australia (2014) [Report of Restricted Access]

[eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: Williams B; Shimeld S

Grants & Funding

Simone was awarded a Faculty teaching grant in 2007.

Funding Summary

Number of grants


Total funding



Independent Directors in Australia: A Changing Landscape? (2012)$9,344
Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia ($9,344)
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University of Tasmania
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Williams BR; Shimeld SF; Blackman SA