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Steven M. Smith

Professor of Plant Genetics and Biochemistry

Room 372c , Life Sciences Building

+61 3 6226 2482 (phone)

Plants sustain all life on earth. It's a big a job and one that just keeps getting bigger.  For example, when Professor Steven Smith was born, there were 2.6 billion people in the world.  Today there are more than 7 billion people, and we all rely on plants for our well-being.

Plant science: Discovering the secrets to sustaining life on earth

'Our population is growing at an alarming rate and we need to work out how to feed ourselves into the future. Each piece of ground that now feeds 3 people will need to feed 5 in the future. So how do we make that happen?  We can't create more land, or nutrients, or water. We have to look at ways to make crops more productive with the resources that we've got' said Professor Smith.

'This is possibly humanity's greatest challenge. After oxygen and water, there is nothing more fundamental to life on earth than food, and our food comes from plants.'

Professor Smith has dedicated his career to finding out how plants grow.

'If we can understand the fundamentals of how plants grow and then apply that knowledge to increasing crop yields, we will make a significant contribution to the future of humanity. That's pretty satisfying.'

Professor Smith has always been interested in the living world.  He wanted to know how it worked and plants became his fascination.

'I was lucky enough to be a researcher at the beginning of the molecular biology revolution in the 1980's.  We were doing things that hadn't been done before,' said Professor Smith.

'I clearly remember the day when, after two years of work as a PhD student, I achieved something that had never been done before.  I had cloned a gene. The moment when I realized it had worked was brilliant.

'There are still groundbreaking discoveries to be made in areas that are strategically important.

'Ten years ago I was living in the UK and my application for a Fellowship in Australia was granted.  The timing coincided with an incredible discovery by a PhD student, who found that a chemical in bushfire smoke leads to seed germination. Those events were life changing for me.

'They led to my current research on how plant hormones regulate plant growth. Hormones could potentially be manipulated to increase crop production and help us feed the world.'

Professor Smith's research is also helping to solve problems closer to home.

'I'm aiming to bring together a team of researchers in seed biology at UTAS.  This team could help industry to improve seed production in Tasmania.'

Professor Smith's hopes that this work could have significant economic benefits for the state.

'Tasmania is a great place to bring together a team like this. Tasmania's incredible environment draws plant scientists like a moth to light.

'I want to create a critical mass of talented individuals who can innovate and increase the momentum in this important field of research.  If we could discover a novel hormone that unlocks the secret to plant growth, it could be a game-changer' said Professor Smith.

Steve is a Professor of Plant Genetics and Biochemistry. His research is concerned with how plants grow, which has wide implications from ecology to food production. As a PhD student he was first to clone a gene required for carbon dioxide fixation by plants and he later discovered new pathways of starch and fat metabolism. He later identified karrikins, a family of chemicals produced by bushfires which stimulate seed germination. His research now focuses on the discovery and action of hormones which control plant growth. He aims to use this knowledge for the improvement of seed production in cereals and legumes.


Before being appointed to the Professorship of Plant Genetics and Biochemistry at the University of Tasmania, Steve was a Winthrop Professor, ARC Federation Fellow, Chief Investigator in the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology and Director of the Centre for Metabolomics at the University of Western Australia. He is former Reader and Head of Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences at the University of Edinburgh (UK) and previously worked in CSIRO Division of Plant Industry in Canberra, Rothamsted Research (UK) and John Innes Centre in Norwich (UK).

Career summary


  • PhD (Biochemistry):  Warwick University (UK) 1981
  • MA (Plant Science):  Indiana University (USA) 1977
  • BSc (Biological Sciences, First Class Hons):  Leicester University (UK) 1976

Administrative expertise

  • Director of University of Western Australia Centre for Metabolomics 2006-2014
  • Head of the Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences University of Edinburgh (UK) 2004
  • Coordinator of a European Commission Program in Plant Biotechnology (UK) 1996-1999


Plant biochemistry, Genetics, Plant metabolism, Plant physiology, Molecular cell biology, Plant biology

Teaching expertise

  • Winthrop Professor of Plant Genomics, University of Western Australia (2010 – 2014)
  • Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader, University of Edinburgh, UK (1983 – 2004)
  • Assistant Director of Biology Teaching at Edinburgh University (UK) (1995 – 2000)
  • External Examiner at Ngee Ann Polytechnic Singapore (1998 - 2002)
  • Teaching Quality Assessor for the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council (1997)

Teaching responsibility

Honours in Botany

Research Appointments

  • Director, UWA Centre for Metabolomics (2006 – 2014)
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board for Metabolomics Australia (2006 - 2014)
  • Chief Investigator, ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology (2005 - 2013)
  • Member of Management Group for WA Biomics Facility (2012 – 2014)
  • MASC (Multinational Arabidopsis Steering Committee) member (2006 – 2007)
  • Member of BBSRC (UK) GARNet Genomics Network (2000 – 2003)
  • Coordinator of an EC, FPIV, plant biotechnology program (1996-1999)

Research Invitations

  • Visiting Professorship at the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Science (2013 – continuing)

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  • Plant biology
  • Seed biology
  • Chemical ecology (smoke, soil and weeds)
  • Crop genetics
  • Restoration ecology (seed germination)
  • Metabolomics
  • Genomics

Research Themes

Steve's research aligns with the University's research theme of Environment, Resources and Sustainability. His research interests include understanding the factors affecting plant growth, specifically identifying novel signalling systems involving particular genes, proteins and hormones that control plant physiology, growth and development. Steve was the first person to successfully isolate the DNA sequence of a plant enzyme, and so was at the forefront of the plant molecular biology revolution.

As recipient of a Visiting Professorship for Senior International Scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Steve works closely with rice geneticists in Beijing to investigate genes with potential to improve rice production and yields. He has a record of highly innovative pioneering research in this field. His recent research includes the discovery of the function of 'karrikins', a new family of chemicals produced by bushfires, which stimulate seed germination. Steve's work in China and at the University of Tasmania is focused on the molecular role of plant compounds known as strigolactones (sometimes known as 'witch hormones'), a type of hormone that controls the architecture of the roots and shoots of plants. The goal of Steve's research group is to discover new underlying mechanisms that govern plant growth which in turn influences productivity in both natural ecosystems and agriculture.


  • Kings Park and Botanic Gardens Western Australia with Alcoa, BHP Worsley, Iluka Resources and Mount Gibson Iron/ Asia Iron Australia (ARC Linkage grants): research on fire and restoration ecology.
  • Hexima Limited (ARC Linkage grants) and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Kongming Wu): insect feeding and chemical ecology in plants.
  • University of Western Australia (ARC Discovery grant): mode of actions of 'karrikins '
  • University of Queensland (Christine Beveridge), Wageningen University (Harro Bowmeester), Chinese Academy of Sciences (Jiayang Li): mode of action of strigolactones


  • Tsinghua Global Scholars Fellowship (2016)
  • President's International Fellowship, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2015)
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences, Senior International Scientists Visiting Professorship (2013)
  • Finalist of the 2011 Sherman Eureka Prize for Environmental Research
  • Australian Research Council Federation Fellowship (2004)
  • Leverhulme Research Fellowship, UK (2003)
  • Fellowship of the Institute of Biology, UK (1998)
  • NATO/SERC Postdoctoral Fellowship (1980)

Current projects

  • Mode of action of 'karrikins'
  • Strigolactones biosynthesis and function
  • Regulation of seed development
  • Plant microbe symbiosis

Fields of Research

  • Plant physiology (310806)
  • Plant cell and molecular biology (310803)
  • Plant developmental and reproductive biology (310804)
  • Other biological sciences (319999)
  • Plant biochemistry (310802)
  • Proteomics and intermolecular interactions (excl. medical proteomics) (310109)
  • Genetics (310599)
  • Crop and pasture biochemistry and physiology (300404)
  • Crop and pasture improvement (incl. selection and breeding) (300406)
  • Separation science (340109)
  • Plant pathology (310805)
  • Cell metabolism (310103)

Research Objectives

  • Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences (280102)
  • Grains and seeds (260399)
  • Rice (260308)
  • Expanding knowledge in the chemical sciences (280105)
  • Other plant production and plant primary products (269999)
  • Protected vegetable crops (260512)
  • Grain legumes (260303)
  • Environmentally sustainable plant production (260199)
  • Expanding knowledge in the agricultural, food and veterinary sciences (280101)
  • Clinical health (200199)
  • Barley (260301)
  • Rehabilitation or conservation of terrestrial environments (180604)


Steve has over 150 peer-reviewed publications in top journals including Nature, PNAS, Nature Communications, Nature Chemical Biology, Science Signalling, Plant Cell, Plant Journal, Plant Physiology, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Development, Current Biology, and BMC Biology. He has contributed to major reviews in Annual Reviews of Plant Biology, Trends in Plant Science and Current Opinion in Plant Biology. Steve was also invited to be a guest editor of Current Opinion in Plant Biology and is currently the editor of Journal of Integrative Plant Biology.

Total publications


Highlighted publications

(3 outputs)
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Journal Article

(166 outputs)
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(1 outputs)
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Chapter in Book

(9 outputs)
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Conference Publication

(1 outputs)
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Grants & Funding

Since 2005, Steve has received continuing funding from Australian Research Council for Federation Fellowship, Centre of Excellence, LIEF (Linkage Infrastructure Equipment and Facilities), Discovery and Linkage projects.  He was also funded by the government of Western Australia, Bioplatforms Australia Limited and Agilent Technologies in support of metabolomics research and services.

Funding Summary

Number of grants


Total funding



Marine Bioproducts Cooperative Research Centre (2021 - 2030)$59,000,000
The objective of the MB-CRC is to transform Australia's emerging marine bioproducts sector into a globally competitive industry. The focus will be on the industry and market-driven innovations to improve both the supply chain and value chain to deliver economies of scale and competitive capacity for Australia to access high value markets across the globe.Strategic alignment:From Tasmania and for Tasmania: A revolution in use of sustainable marine resources, the use of innovative bioprocessing technologies and the exploitation of local Tasmanian bioproducts with a global impact Human Health and nutrition: Marine derived products will improve human health and nutritionEconomic performance: Create regional competitive advantage for the marine bioproducts sector and new businesses through the industry problems we solve. Lift the economic performance of the State on manufacturing and bioresources usage.Environmental sustainability: providing aquaculture and agriculture industries with different market optionsEducational attainment: Students will be strongly involved in the development of the projects, aligned with Tasmania as a STEM State to collaborate with industry, business and government to translate knowledge into practical and productive outcomes.
Department of Industry, Innovation and Science ($59,000,000)
CRC Programme
Administered By
Marine Bioproducts CRC
Research Team
Zhang W; Johnson CR; Hurd CL; Bolch CJS; MacLeod C; Nowak BF; Wright JT; White CA; Paull B; Smith SM; Thickett SCV; Smith JA; Quirino JP; Swarts ND; Newstead T; Grimmer EL; Nichols RL; Rajaguru R; Guven N; Alexander KA
2021 - 2030
ARC Centre of Excellence for Plant Success in Nature and Agriculture (2020 - 2026)$35,000,000
Australian Research Council ($35,000,000)
Grant-ARC Centres of Excellence
Administered By
University of Queensland
Research Team
Beveridge C; Cooper M; Brodribb TJ; Bowman J; Waterhouse P; Wright I; Burrage K; Donovan D; Foo E; Hammer G; Henry R; Holland BR; Jordan D; Ortiz-Barrientos D; Sherman B; Smith SM; Weller JL
2020 - 2026
Grant Reference
Engagement and Impact appointment for Prof Steven Smith (2018)$13,964
Australian Research Council ($13,964)
Contract Research
Administered By
University of Tasmania
Research Team
Smith SM
Advanced high resolution biomolecular analysis facility for Tasmania (2018)$350,790
This proposal seeks support for an advanced, multi-purpose mass spectrometry platform for high-throughput and targeted biomolecular analysis, including proteomics and metabolomics. The intended purpose of the proposed infrastructure is to provide a centralised state-of-the-art facility that supports internationally competitive research programs in plant science, agricultural research, food safety, animal and human health research and separation science at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) and within the broader Tasmanian scientific community. Theanticipated benefit is a greatly enhanced capacity for leading edge research of national significance that alignswith the UTAS strategic research plan and national priorities.
Australian Research Council ($350,790)
Grant-Linkage Infrastructure
Administered By
University of Tasmania
Research Team
Smith SM; Paull B; Woods GM; King AE; Wilson RR
Grant Reference
Clocks in crops: exploring the role of circadian rhythms in crop adaptation (2018 - 2020)$424,197
Australian Research Council ($424,197)
Grant-Discovery Projects
Administered By
University of Tasmania
Research Team
Weller JL; Smith SM; Trevaskis B
2018 - 2020
Grant Reference
Understanding the biological functions of the karrikin-responsive signaling system of plants in growth, development and responses to the environment (2014 - 2016)$395,000
Australian Research Council ($395,000)
Grant-Discovery Projects
Administered By
Australian Research Council
Research Team
Smith SM
2014 - 2016
Grant Reference

Research Supervision

To date, Steve has supervised 18 postdoctoral researchers, 25 PhD candidates and 25 Honours students. He currently has opportunities available to potential PhD candidates in researching the mechanisms governing plant development and growth.




PhDMechanisms Underlying the Diversification of Florigen Function and Regulation2018
PhDNutrient and Environmental Control of Root and Shoot Architecture2020
PhDEnvironmental Triggering and Transcriptional Control of Bud Growth and Dormancy2022
PhDEvolution of Plant Cellular Responses to Water2022