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Venta Terauds

Research Fellow

Room 326 , Physics

+61 3 6226 5769 (phone)

Dr Venta Terauds is a research fellow in Mathematics in the School of Natural Sciences, working in the theoretical phylogenetics group.


Venta completed her BSc with honours in pure mathematics at the University of Tasmania and her PhD in the area of operator theory at the University of New South Wales. She has worked as a lecturer at the University of Newcastle (Aus) and as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bielefeld (Germany).

Career summary


DegreeThesis TitleUniversityCountryDate of Award

Extensions of functional calculus for Banach space operators



Dec 2006

BSc (Hons)

Invertibility of Toeplitz operators



May 1997

Administrative expertise

Venta organised the biomathematics research seminar in 2019-2020 and is co-organiser of the Phylomania conference in 2020; she is a member of the SNS equity and diversity committee.


Teaching expertise

  • Analysis
  • Algebra
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus

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  • Rearrangement Models
  • Circular Genomes
  • Pure Point Measures
  • Mathematical Diffraction

Research Themes

Venta’s research aligns to the University’s research theme of Data, Knowledge and Decisions. Her current research focus is in phylogenetics; specifically, the application of techniques from algebra and representation theory to the efficient computation of evolutionary distance for circular genomes. This work models the evolution of organisms such as bacteria via rearrangement models; recent progress incorporates the symmetry of the genomes and the models into a unified framework. Venta has a parallel research thread in the area of aperiodic order, which is the mathematical setting for the study of physical structures such as quasicrystals, and utilises aspects of measure theory, harmonic analysis, and almost-periodicity.


Venta’s research projects in the two broad streams of phylogenetics and aperiodic order incorporate collaborations with researchers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Germany.

Fields of Research

  • Lie groups, harmonic and Fourier analysis (490406)
  • Biological mathematics (490102)
  • Mathematical logic, set theory, lattices and universal algebra (490407)
  • Mathematical physics (490299)

Research Objectives

  • Expanding knowledge in the mathematical sciences (280118)
  • Expanding knowledge in the biological sciences (280102)


Total publications


Journal Article

(5 outputs)
2021Terauds V, Stevenson J, Sumner J, 'A symmetry-inclusive algebraic approach to genome rearrangement', Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, 19, (6) Article 2140015. ISSN 0219-7200 (2021) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1142/S0219720021400151 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 2Web of Science - 2

Co-authors: Stevenson J; Sumner J


2020Baake M, Strungaru N, Terauds V, 'Pure point measures with sparse support and sparse Fourier-Bohr support', Transactions of the London Mathematical Society, 7, (1) pp. 1-32. ISSN 2052-4986 (2020) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1112/tlm3.12020 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Web of Science - 1


2018Terauds V, Sumner J, 'Maximum likelihood estimates of rearrangement distance: implementing a representation-theoretic approach', Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 81, (2) pp. 535-567. ISSN 0092-8240 (2018) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1007/s11538-018-0511-6 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 6Web of Science - 6

Co-authors: Sumner J


2016Strungaru N, Terauds V, 'Diffraction theory and almost periodic distributions', Journal of Statistical Physics, 164, (5) pp. 1183-1216. ISSN 0022-4715 (2016) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1007/s10955-016-1579-8 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 10Web of Science - 8


2013Terauds V, 'The inverse problem of pure point diffraction-examples and open questions', Journal of Statistical Physics, 152, (5) pp. 954-968. ISSN 0022-4715 (2013) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1007/s10955-013-0790-0 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 7Web of Science - 7


Chapter in Book

(1 outputs)
2021Terauds V, 'Doubly sparse measures on locally compact Abelian groups', 2019-20 MATRIX Annals, Springer International Publishing, J de Gier, CE Praeger & T Tao (ed), United Kingdom, pp. 723-724. ISBN 978-3-030-62496-5 (2021) [Research Book Chapter]

[eCite] [Details]

Conference Publication

(1 outputs)
2013Terauds V, Baake M, 'Some comments on the inverse problem of pure point diffraction', Aperiodic Crystals, 02-07 September 2012, Cairns, Australia, pp. 35-41. (2013) [Refereed Conference Paper]

DOI: 10.1007/978-94-007-6431-6_5 [eCite] [Details]


Research Supervision

Currently supervising a PhD student; have supervised an honours student.




PhDAlgebraic and Numeric Methods for Fast Computation of Evolutionary Distance Estimates in Bacteria2020