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Dr. Halley Pontes is a Chartered member (CPsychol) of the British Psychological Society and Member (MAPS) of the Australian Psychological Society . He is a Researcher and Lecturer in Psychology and his main research interest relates to the issue of psychometric assessment of behavioural addictions (e.g., Internet Addiction, Internet Gaming Disorder, and Social Networking Addiction). Dr. Pontes has published over 80 refereed studies, including empirical studies, one book, several book chapters, and numerous conference presentations.


Dr. Halley Pontes has been working in the field of behavioural addictions focusing on emerging technological addictions for nearly 10 years. He has received both his BSc in Psychology (3 years programme) and MSc in Clinical Psychology (2 years programme) from the Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada – Instituto Universitário (ISPA-IU) in Lisbon, Portugal in 2013. After practicing as a clinical psychologist in Portugal for a short period of time, Dr. Pontes initiated his PhD in Addictive Behaviours (3 years programme) at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) in the United Kingdom working closely with Distinguished Professor Mark Griffiths on Internet addiction and Gaming Disorder. During his time as a doctoral researcher Dr. Pontes published several refereed studies and received the 2016 Durand Jacobs Award by McGill University (Canada) for his substantial contributions to the psychology of addictive behaviours field. At present, Dr. Pontes works as a researcher and lecturer for the University of Tasmania (Launceston Campus) after a long and successful time working at NTU as a researcher and Lecturer in Psychology since 2013. Dr. Pontes plays an important role in the field of technological addictions and is currently an Associate Editor for the Journal of Behavioral Addictions. Dr. Pontes is also a visiting lecturer at higher education institutions in Europe, including Birkbeck, University of London.

Career summary


Languages (other than English)

  • Portuguese (native)
  • Spanish (fluent)


Professional practice

  • Australian Psychological Society (APS): Members (MAPS)  
  • British Psychological Society (BPS): Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol) 
  • Portuguese Society of Behavioral and Technological Addictions (SPACT): Founding Member (FM)

Administrative expertise

Dr. Pontes has been involved in a number of administrative roles during his career, including but not limited to external events and research seminar organiser, student tutor, research mentor and grant reviewer for different institutions and funding agencies. At the teaching level, Dr. Pontes has been involved in the leadership of teaching units such as Individual Differences (MSc Psychology) Introduction to Psychology (BSc Psychology).


Teaching expertise

Dr. Pontes has extensive experience teaching and supervising university students and has contributed to the development and delivery of several psychology units at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Areas of teaching include quantitative research methods, psychometrics, cyberpsychology, and addictive behaviours.

Research Appointments

Dr. Pontes has been involved in a number of research appointments and roles for different institutions and organisations. More recently he has acted as independent external grant reviewer for several funding agencies, including but not limited to the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) in the United Kingdom, the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) in Portugal, and the Notre Dame University in Lebanon.

Furthermore, Dr. Pontes is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Behavioral Addictions (impact factor: 3.628) and reviewer for different key scientific journals in the field of Psychology, such as:  Psychological Assessment; Psychology of Popular Media Culture; CyberPsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking; Journal of Behavioral Addictions; Computers in Human Behavior; and Frontiers in Psychology.

Dr. Pontes is regularly invited to chair sessions in important scientific events in the field of addictive behaviours, such as the 2nd International Conference on Behavioral Addictions; the 3rd International Conference on Behavioral Addictions, and the 4th International Conference on Behavioral Addictions.

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  • Psychological implications of healthy and unhealthy technology use
  • Cyberpsychology and deviant online behaviours
  • Addictions within the cyberspace
  • Videogaming
  • Addictive and non-addictive social media use
  • Psychopathology, mental health, and wellbeing within the cyberspace

Research Themes

Dr. Pontes’ research expertise and interests are aligned to the University of Tasmania research theme of Better Health as his research aims to provide robust evidence-based results regarding how psychological wellbeing and mental health processes can be preserved and enhanced in the context of addictive behaviours. Dr. Pontes has published over 80 refereed studies in the field of addictive behaviours across a wide range of national and international scientific journals, and is a well-established and leading scholar in the field of technological addictions.

At the psychological level, Dr. Pontes’ research is mainly focused on the potential detrimental psychological effects addictive technology use may have on users, and also on the clinical assessment of technological addictions such as gaming disorder, Internet addiction, social media addiction, and smartphone addiction. At the psychometric level, Dr. Pontes has a broad interest in innovative psychometric approaches and modelling in relation to robust psychometric assessment and measurement of key psychological constructs that are implicated in psychological wellbeing and mental health processes.

Dr. Pontes has used different types of research methods in his research but has particular strength in conducting large-scale and epidemiological surveys, where he applies cutting-edge quantitative data analytic techniques such as latent variable modelling (e.g., exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, latent profile analysis, measurement invariance, etc.).

In addition to publishing regularly in the field of addictive behaviours, Dr. Pontes has published extensively in other related areas such as: sex addiction, work addiction, game transfer phenomena, exercise addiction and in other less related areas such as political psychology where he investigated how political engagement is assessed in research.


Dr. Pontes has a wide network of research collaborators and partners both inside and outside Australia. Over the years, he has collaborated to research being conducted by the Portuguese General Directorate for Intervention on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies (SICAD) by providing them with standardised psychometric tools he developed in his research to assess both gaming disorder and generalised Internet addiction amongst the Portuguese population. Other major public institutions in Portugal that have directly benefited from his research output on the assessment of technological addictions include the Santa Maria Hospital in Lisbon (i.e., Núcleo de Utilização Problemática de Internet) where they actively employ the psychometric tools he developed in Portugal to diagnose and assess the severity of technological addictions amongst their patients. Dr. Pontes also collaborates with mental health and addiction treatment centres focusing on the treatment of developmental disorders technological addictions, these include the Progresso Infantil (PIN) in Portugal and the LOGOUT Center for Digital Addiction Help and Treatment in Slovenia. Dr. Pontes is an external member of the world-leading lab International Gaming Research Unit (IGRU) in the United Kingdom led by Distinguished Professor Mark Griffiths.


  • 2018 Nottingham Trent University Team Awards 2018 (Member of the Research Team of the Year)
  • 2016 Durand Jacobs Award (McGill University, Canada): Best study on the psychology of addictive behaviors

Current projects

Recently, Dr. Pontes and colleagues from the University of Ulm (Germany) and Birkbeck, University of London (United Kingdom) have established one of the largest research projects ever conducted among gamers in partnership with Electronic Sports League (ESL) in order to investigate how responsible gaming practices can be implemented and fostered among large groups of gamers.

Fields of Research

  • Mental Health (111714)
  • Health, Clinical and Counselling Psychology (170106)
  • Marketing Research Methodology (150505)
  • Citizenship (160602)
  • Psychological Methodology, Design and Analysis (170110)
  • Organisational Behaviour (150311)

Research Objectives

  • Mental Health (920410)
  • Expanding Knowledge in Psychology and Cognitive Sciences (970117)
  • Marketing (910403)
  • Behaviour and Health (920401)
  • Workplace and Organisational Ethics (950409)
  • Political Systems (940203)


Total publications


Journal Article

(40 outputs)
2019Pontes HM, Schivinski B, Sindermann C, Li M, Becker B, et al., 'Measurement and conceptualization of gaming disorder according to the World Health Organization framework: The development of the Gaming Disorder Test', International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction ISSN 1557-1874 (2019) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1007/s11469-019-00088-z [eCite] [Details]

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Co-authors: Adams BLM


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2017Pontes HM, 'The psychometrics of Internet addiction and Internet Gaming Disorder: A step towards measurement unification' (2017) [PhD]

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  • 2016: Nottingham Trent University Kickstarter Grant: £5.000,00
  • 2015: Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) PhD Scholarship: €51.840,00
  • 2014: Nottingham Trent University Research Travel Bursary: £350

Dr. Pontes has substantial experience supervising students across all levels of tertiary education using different types of research methodologies (e.g., quantitative and qualitative methods). Over the past few years he has supervised students conducting research projects on the following areas of interest:

  • Gaming Disorder and its implications for wellbeing and mental health
  • Social media addiction: risk factors and health-related outcomes
  • Generalised Internet addiction: associated risk factors, comorbidities and psychological outcomes
  • Exercise addiction and its association to key individual differences and developmental factors

Moreover, Dr. Pontes is particularly keen in supervising students conducting their research projects focusing on the application of robust psychometrics and quantitative approaches, focusing on the following topics:

  • Gambling Disorder: Psychometric Measurement and Assessment
  • Internet trolling: Working towards a theoretical and assessment framework
  • Cyberchondria and its psychological and social intricacies for wellbeing and mental health
  • Gaming Transfer Phenomena and its associated factors
  • In-game factors and user-avatar selection in online games in relation to psychological health
  • Smartphone use and overuse across the lifespan
  • Substance use disorders and key psychological predictors and outcomes
  • Applications of latent variable modelling for understanding behavioural addictions