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Combining social work and economic development lenses, Meg is a strong advocate of the role of health economics as tool in understanding the impacts of inequality when scoping opportunity cost implications. Perspectives that are integral for decision makers in the broader context of designing modern healthcare systems that ensure both equity and efficiency. She is inspired by the works of economists Elinor Ostrum (common resource sustainability) and Marianna Mazucatto (the state as first investor), social worker Brene Brown (the link between vulnerability and innovation), and epidemiologist Richard Wilkinson (the broader societal impact of inequality).


With a principle role at the Allied Health Strategy and Research Unit within the Tasmanian Health Service (South), Meg has a foot in both the academic and policy development realms. In 2017, Meg completed her Master’s thesis, titled 'Evaluating the relationship between community engagement and collaborative networks in local communities: scoping the effectiveness of the Art-of-Hosting (AOH) Framework' exploring the usefulness of 'World Cafe' as a community engagement technique to involve economically declining regional towns in scoping localised solutions to regional economic challenges. In tandem to these studies Meg has worked: in a number of Community Development roles for significant non-government peak bodies in Tasmania and interstate on issues of homelessness and addictions; partnered with Murawin, an indigenous consultancy and advocacy firm; and provided private consultancy services with a focus on regional economic development for The Unusual Suspects. A number of Meg’s conference presentations have focused on broadening the application of core economic theories and concepts to the work of social advocacy and social welfare. Prior to 2008 Megan has a long history of traditional Social Work roles across health care, child protection, correctional services and tertiary rehabilitation sectors. Within these roles Megan has provided individual and group-based services.

Career summary


  • MERD, University of New Englad, 2018. Thesis: Evaluating the relationship between community engagement and collaborative networks in local communities: scoping the effectiveness of the Art-of-Hosting (AOH) Framework
  • Graduate Diploma in Human Services (counselling), Curtin University, 2002.
  • Bachelor of Social Work, University of South Australia, 1991.

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Fields of Research

  • Health and community services (420305)
  • Correctional theory, offender treatment and rehabilitation (440202)
  • Mental health services (420313)

Research Objectives

  • Health inequalities (200204)
  • Rehabilitation and correctional services (230408)
  • Social structure and health (200207)