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Professor Roger Hughes is Discipline Lead of Public Health and Health Systems in the School of Medicine. He is course coordinator for the Master of Public Health, public health domain lead in the MBBS program and graduate research coordinator in the School of Medicine.


Before joining the University of Tasmania in November 2017, Roger served in academic leadership posts including Head of School roles at Massey University (School of Public Health) and Bond University (School of Health Sciences). He was Pro Vice Chancellor (Research) at Bond University (2014-2016). For the period 1997-2011, he led the development of nutrition and dietetics, public health nutrition and public health courses at Griffith University and the University of the Sunshine Coast. In 2010, he was a national ALTC Citation recipient for his leadership in teaching quality in the field of nutrition, dietetics and public health.

Since 2004, he has been at the forefront of public health nutrition research, practice and workforce development internationally, serving terms as deputy editor of the journal Public Health Nutrition (2006-2012) and Secretary (Professional Affairs) of the World Public Health Nutrition Association (2006-2014).

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A Public Health Nutrition workforce development blueprint for Australia

Griffith University





Curtin University



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Professional practice

  • Registrar, World Public Health Nutrition Association (2018-)

Administrative expertise

Pro Vice Chancellor (Research)- Bond University

Head, School of Public Health -Massey University

Head, School of Health Science -Bond University


Health research, evaluation, health promotion, nutrition, non-communicable disease prevention

Teaching expertise

Roger was a national ALTC Citation recipient for his leadership in teaching quality in the field of nutrition, dietetics and public health (2010).

Teaching responsibility

Roger has a number of teaching leadership roles at UTAS, including:

  • Convening the Master of Public Health
  • Leading the public health domain teaching in the MBBS program and
  • Coordinating graduate research in the School of Medicine

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Nutrition, obesity prevention, maternal and child health, health workforce development

Research Themes

Roger’s research aligns to the University’s research theme of Better Health. His research focuses on public health intervention research and capacity building, with a particular interest in nutrition, obesity prevention and maternal and infant health. He has been at the forefront of public health workforce development research in Australia and internationally, particularly in the field of nutrition.

Fields of Research

  • Nutrition and dietetics (321099)
  • Community child health (420601)
  • Health services and systems (420399)
  • Clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice (321403)
  • Health systems (420311)
  • Social determinants of health (420606)
  • Nutrigenomics and personalised nutrition (321003)
  • Preventative health care (420605)
  • Sport and exercise nutrition (321006)
  • Higher education (390303)
  • Public health nutrition (321005)
  • Mental health services (420313)
  • Health policy (440706)
  • Paediatrics (321399)
  • Neurology and neuromuscular diseases (320905)
  • Health informatics and information systems (420308)

Research Objectives

  • Nutrition (200410)
  • Public health (excl. specific population health) (200499)
  • Neonatal and child health (200506)
  • Other health (209999)
  • Assessment, development and evaluation of curriculum (160301)
  • Determinants of health (200201)
  • Health policy evaluation (200205)
  • Health inequalities (200204)
  • Rural and remote area health (200508)
  • Health protection and disaster response (200406)
  • Women's and maternal health (200509)
  • Mental health (200409)
  • Health system performance (incl. effectiveness of programs) (200206)
  • Allied health therapies (excl. mental health services) (200301)
  • Health status (incl. wellbeing) (200407)
  • Behaviour and health (200401)
  • Clinical health (200199)
  • Health related to ageing (200502)


Total publications


Journal Article

(24 outputs)
2022Jayasinghe S, Flies EJ, Soward R, Kendal D, Kilpatrick M, et al., 'Physical activity and food environments in and around schools: a case study in regional North-West Tasmania', International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19, (10) Article 6238. ISSN 1660-4601 (2022) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.3390/ijerph19106238 [eCite] [Details]

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2022Jayasinghe SU, Soward RI, Holloway TP, Patterson KAE, Ahuja KDK, et al., 'Why some do but too many don't? Barriers and enablers to physical activity in regional Tasmania - an exploratory, mixed-methods study', BMC Public Health, 22 Article 627. ISSN 1471-2458 (2022) [Refereed Article]

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Co-authors: Maree P; Radford J; Stankovich J; Van Dam PJ


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2018Morgan K, Kelly JT, Campbell KL, Hughes R, Reidlinger DP, 'Dietetics workforce preparation and preparedness in Australia: a systematic mapping review to inform future dietetics education research', Nutrition and Dietetics, 76, (1) pp. 47-56. ISSN 1446-6368 (2018) [Refereed Article]

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Conference Publication

(2 outputs)
2021Maree P, Hughes R, Radford J, Stankovich J, Van Dam PJ, 'Patient Complexity: A Unified Model', Value-Based Health Care Conference, 27 May 2021, Perth, Australia (2021) [Conference Extract]

[eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: Maree P; Radford J; Stankovich J; Van Dam PJ

2018Hughes RM, Nash R, Bettiol SS, Macintyre K, Ayton JE, et al., 'A framework for mapping public health learning exposures and competency alignment in undergraduate medical education', CAPHIA Teaching & Learning Forum, 17 April 2018, Auckland (2018) [Conference Extract]

[eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: Nash R; Bettiol SS; Macintyre K; Ayton JE; Cooling NB; Presser J

Grants & Funding

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Preventative Health Research in Rural and Regional Communities (Tasmania) (2019 - 2021)$2,400,000
An ageing Australia will increasingly impact social, health and economic activity, as exemplified in complex disorders such as dementia. Obesity is also increasing at a rapid rate and is a major antecedent risk factor for a range of chronic illnesses. Both conditions will be a particular challenge for rural and regional communities as they have the highest rates of related risk factors and chronic illness, and also relatively reduced access to specialist medical services and preventative health programs. This proposal focusses on dementia and obesity in north-west Tasmania, developing innovative initiatives to manage and reduce risk of these conditions, which will reduce medical procedures overall including presentations to hospital. The program involves two major projects: the Island Study Linking Ageing and Neurodegenerative Disease (ISLAND) and the Critical Age Periods for Impacting Obesogenic Lifestyles (CAPITOL) study. The ISLAND study will involve a pragmatic clustered randomised controlled on interventions for major potentially modifiable risk factors for dementia, including obesity, physical activity, diabetes, smoking, hypertension, depression and cognitive stimulation/education, most of which are antecedents to chronic illness. The CAPITOL study will facilitate a transdisciplinary professional network to build a community-specific, sustainable approach to supporting children and families in relation to physical health and wellbeing. This project will identify enabling contextual factors which influence engagement in healthy physical play practices; foster buy-in from families (at multiple entry points); improve school readiness (through enhancing outcomes for children (0-8 years) in the AEDC domain of physical health and wellbeing), and generate sustainable communities of practice. North-west Tasmania is an ideal 'test-bed' to develop preventative health strategies that are relevant and scalable to other Australian rural and regional communities.
Medical Research Future Fund ($2,400,000)
Grant - Keeping Australians Out of Hospital
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University of Tasmania
Research Team
Vickers JC; Hills AP; Goldberg LR; Byrne N; Farrow M; Hughes RM; Klekociuk SZ; Ahuja KDK; Courtney-Pratt HM; Patterson KAE
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