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Jessica Roydhouse

Select Foundation
Senior Research Fellow in Health Services Research

Room 354a , MSP 2

0362264794 (phone)

Dr Jessica Roydhouse is a Select Foundation Senior Research Fellow in Health Services Research at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research. Her research interests include patient-reported outcomes, missing data, clinical trials and causal inference. Prior to coming to the Menzies, she was an ORISE Fellow at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), where she conducted methodological research on patient-reported outcomes in clinical cancer trials.


Prior to her PhD, Jessica worked at the University of Sydney, where she coordinated a community-based randomised controlled trial and worked on health services research projects in cancer care. She completed her PhD at Brown University, focusing on proxy reporting for patient-reported outcomes in cancer, and then spent over two years at the FDA working on methodological research in cancer trials.

Career summary


PhD, Brown University, USA, 2017. Improving patient-reported outcomes in cancer care: non-response and the role of proxies.


Professional practice

American Statistical Association
International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research
International Society for Quality of Life Research
Psycho-Oncology Co-Operative Research Group

Administrative expertise

Jessica previously coordinated a community-based randomised controlled trial in Sydney. She is the co-chair of the International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL) Proxy Task Force.

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  • Patient-reported outcomes
  • Prostate cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Clinical trials
  • Observational studies
  • Missing data
  • Causal inference
  • Drug development and regulation

Research Themes

Jessica's research aligns with the University's theme of Better Health. As an ORISE Fellow at the FDA, she examined the issue of open-label bias in clinical trials and proposed a possible method for evaluating patient-reported outcome data that may be subject to open-label bias.


Jessica is currently involved in several international projects, most of which focus on methodological issues and patient-reported outcomes in cancer research.  These collaborations include researchers in Europe and North America.


2017. New Investigator Travel Scholarship, International Society for Quality of Life Research.

Fields of Research

  • Oncology and Carcinogenesis (111299)
  • Nursing (111099)
  • Health Promotion (111712)
  • Medical and Health Sciences (119999)
  • Primary Health Care (111717)
  • Solid Tumours (111209)
  • Public Health and Health Services (111799)
  • Respiratory Diseases (110203)
  • Health Care Administration (111709)
  • Biostatistics (010402)
  • Epidemiology (111706)
  • Gender Psychology (170105)
  • Psychology of Religion (170111)

Research Objectives

  • Evaluation of Health Outcomes (920204)
  • Behaviour and Health (920401)
  • Nursing (920210)
  • Health and Support Services (920299)
  • Cancer and Related Disorders (920102)
  • Public Health (excl. Specific Population Health) (920499)
  • Child Health (920501)
  • Carer Health (920202)
  • Health Education and Promotion (920205)
  • Specific Population Health (excl. Indigenous Health) (920599)
  • Religion and Society (950404)
  • Health Status (e.g. Indicators of Well-Being) (920408)
  • Preventive Medicine (920412)


Total publications


Journal Article

(35 outputs)
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2018Al sheyab NA, Khader YS, Shah S, Roydhouse J, Gallagher R, 'The effect of a 'class smoke free pledge' on breath carbon monoxide in Arabic male adolescents', Nicotine & Tobacco Research pp. 568-574. ISSN 1469-994X (2018) [Refereed Article]

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