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Chris Allen

PhD Candidate

Room 202 , Geology-Geography Building

+61 3 6226 2391 (phone)

Optimising remediation of legacy mines – Mineralogical controls on long-term waste rock weathering and mine drainage

Characterisation of mine waste rock mineralogy at legacy mine sites in western Tasmania, with the aim of improving environmental outcomes through identification of potential impacts earlier in the mining process, and effective methods of mitigation. Work will focus on legacy mine sites where waste rocks have been sufficiently exposed to weathering processes for the formation of secondary minerals and enable study of the full suite of potential contaminants and their effect on containment materials.  These will be studied primarily through geochemical means, but also incorporate geophysics and geological mapping. In addition to improving environmental outcomes, this project will also attempt to identify opportunities for reprocessing of waste materials, and aid in the development of mine closure criteria for mines in Tasmania.