Jayender Kumar

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Jayender Kumar

PhD Candidate

Sandy Bay Campus

Mapping the scale & structure of the Milky Way Galaxy

The goal of my PhD is to measure the distances to High Mass Star Forming Regions (HMSFRs) in the 3rd and 4th quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy, by calculating trigonometric Parallaxes and proper motion measurements towards 6.7 GHz class-II methanol masers associated with these HMSFRs in the Southern hemisphere to sub-milliarcsecond accuracy using Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) techniques and with SPiRALS, LBA and VLBA arrays. This will help us to trace the spiral arms of the Milky Way galaxy with better understanding and accuracy and to update the physical parameters of the Galactic model such as distance to the Galactic centre(R0) & circular rotation speed at the Sun(Θ0). This will also help to update the estimated physical parameters of theses HMSFRs such as size, enclosed mass, and luminosity to enhance studies of these regions.