Larissa Jerrim

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Larissa Jerrim

PhD Candidate

Room 449 , Physics

Broadband signatures of radio jet feedback in cosmological environments using CosmoDRAGoN

Understanding the origin and evolution of our universe requires a detailed understanding of several interconnected and complex processes. My PhD project focuses on the phenomenon of the active galactic nucleus (AGN) jet, which is crucial to galaxy formation and evolution through the provision of feedback energy to its environment. Simulations of AGN jets in idealised environments have shown there is a strong dependence of the radio emission observed on the environment the jet propagates into. However, the simulation of these jets in realistic, cosmological environments has only just begun, and differences in radio source behaviour are yet to be studied for a wide range of jet and environment parameters.

In this project, I am studying the effects of realistic, cosmological environments on the broadband signatures of radio jets using the CosmoDRAGoN simulation suite. These signatures include spectral index and spectral curvature maps in addition to the newly incorporated polarization and Faraday rotation measure calculations. These new calculations will first be tested against the observational data of the well-studied radio source Cygnus A. I am also studying the visibility of jet feedback in different scenarios. This work will improve our understanding of AGN jet feedback and therefore improve modelling of the evolution of our universe.

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