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Aina Price

Research Assistant

Room 263, Life Sciences Building, Sandy Bay Campus

+61 3 6226 2709 (phone)

+61 3 6226 2698 (fax)

General Responsibilities

Hop tetraploid induction: The cones of female hop are important to the brewing industry. In conjunction with Hop Products Australia this project utilises an efficient colchicine-mediated technique developed in our lab for the in vitro induction of hop tetraploids and confirmation by flow cytometry for use in the breeding program.

Hop mutagenesis: Hop plants are vital to the brewing industry. Their main commercial products are alpha-acids & oils which contribute to the bitter taste and aroma of beer. In conjunction with the Hop Products Australia induced mutagenesis is used to alter the genetic make-up of hops to obtain varieties with desirable characteristics for current and new markets.

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Fields of Research

  • Horticultural Crop Improvement (Selection and Breeding) (070602)
  • Plant Developmental and Reproductive Biology (060703)
  • Genetics (060499)
  • Plant Cell and Molecular Biology (060702)
  • Forestry Management and Environment (070504)

Research Objectives

  • Hardwood Plantations (820101)
  • Hops (820204)
  • Environmentally Sustainable Plant Production (829899)
  • Ornamentals, Natives, Flowers and Nursery Plants (820209)
  • Horticultural Crops (820299)


Total publications


Journal Article

(4 outputs)
2018Nghiem QC, Griffin AR, Harwood CE, Harbard JL, Le S, et al., 'Occurrence of polyploidy in populations of Acacia dealbata in south-eastern Tasmania and cytotypic variation in reproductive traits', Australian Journal of Botany, 66, (2) pp. 152-160. ISSN 0067-1924 (2018) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1071/BT17210 [eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: Nghiem QC; Griffin AR; Harwood CE; Harbard JL; Le S; Koutoulis A


2015Griffin AR, Chi NQ, Harbard JL, Son DH, Harwood CE, et al., 'Breeding polyploid varieties of tropical acacias: progress and prospects', Southern Forests, 77, (1) pp. 41-50. ISSN 2070-2620 (2015) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.2989/20702620.2014.999303 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 12Web of Science - 13

Co-authors: Griffin AR; Harbard JL; Harwood CE; Koutoulis A


2014Jordan GJ, Carpenter RJ, Koutoulis A, Price A, Brodribb TJ, 'Environmental adaptation in stomatal size independent of the effects of genome size', New Phytologist, 205, (2) pp. 608-617. ISSN 0028-646X (2014) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1111/nph.13076 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 25Web of Science - 23

Co-authors: Jordan GJ; Carpenter RJ; Koutoulis A; Brodribb TJ


2005Koutoulis A, Roy AT, Price AJ, Sherriff L, Leggett G, 'DNA ploidy level of colchicine-treated hops (Humulus lupulus L.)', Scientia Horticulturae, 105, (2) pp. 263-268. ISSN 0304-4238 (2005) [Refereed Article]

DOI: 10.1016/j.scienta.2005.01.010 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 23Web of Science - 21

Co-authors: Koutoulis A; Roy AT


Conference Publication

(2 outputs)
2013Whittock S, Price A, Howard E, Koutoulis A, 'Technology applied to the development of new flavour hop varieties in Australia', Acta Horticulturae , 9-14 September 2012, Zatec, Czech Republic, pp. 21-26. ISBN 978-906605696-1 (2013) [Refereed Conference Paper]

DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2013.1010.1 [eCite] [Details]

Citations: Scopus - 1

Co-authors: Whittock S; Howard E; Koutoulis A


2005Koutoulis A, Price AJ, Leggett G, 'Polyploid Breeding and Mutagenesis in Hop (Humulus lupulus L.)', Proceedings of the First International Humulus Symposium (Acta Horticulturae 668), 1-7 August 2004, Corvallis, Oregon, USA, pp. 41-46. ISBN 9066055286 (2005) [Refereed Conference Paper]

[eCite] [Details]

Co-authors: Koutoulis A