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Postdoctoral Researcher

Room 5.34 , Social Sciences Building

Sebastian Kocar is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Social Change in the College of Arts, Law and Education (CALE). He specialises in survey methodology and statistics, with particular focus on web surveys and online panels.


Sebastian joined the University of Tasmania from The Australian National University (ANU) where he was employed and undertook doctoral studies in survey methodology and statistics at the ANU Centre for Social Research and Methods. Before joining the ANU, he worked for the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana. He has previous experience in data related roles in both commercial and government sectors, and he was involved in various survey research projects as a data collection and analytics consultant.

Career summary


  • PhD thesis currently in examination, HDR program at The Australian National University, Thesis title: Approaches to dealing with survey errors in online panel research
  • MSc(Stats), The University of Ljubljana, 2016. Thesis title: Suitability Assessment of Different Methods for Evaluation of Web Dissemination of Statistical Information
  • BCommSc, The University of Ljubljana, 2008. Thesis title: Negative effects of organizational identification


Professional practice

ACSPRI (Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research Incorporated)

AAPOR (American Association for Public Opinion Research)

ESRA (European Survey Research Association)

SAAA (Slovenian Australian Academic Association)

Administrative expertise

Managing survey projects


Teaching expertise

Survey methodology (survey design, questionnaire design, question design, online data collection)

Data analytics

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Sebastian’s research is primarily focused on investigating survey errors, including nonresponse, coverage, and measurement errors, in web surveys, online panels and mixed-mode surveys. The main objective of his methodological research is to find ways to improve the quality of data collected with various survey data collection approaches. His expertise is applied to survey research projects in different areas, such as higher education research and wellbeing. He partners with academics from Australia and abroad, commercial social research organisations, and government agencies.

Current projects

The Tasmania Project

The Good Life Initiative

Fields of Research

  • Social change (441004)
  • Political economy and social change (440404)
  • Australian government and politics (440801)
  • Social policy (440712)

Research Objectives

  • Structure, delivery and resourcing (230113)
  • Political systems (230203)
  • Employment patterns and change (230501)
  • Other culture and society (139999)
  • Public services policy advice and analysis (230204)
  • Public sector productivity (150305)


  • Kocar, S., Biddle, N., & Phillips, B. (2021). The Effects of Mode on Answers in Probability-Based Mixed-Mode Online Panel Research: Evidence and Matching Methods for Controlling Self-Selection Effect in a Quasi-Experimental Design. ANU CSRM Methods Research Papers.
  • Flander, A., Kocar, S., Culum, B., Leisyte, L., Roncevic, N., Peksen, S. (2021). Impact of internationalisation strategies on academics' international research activities. Case study of the three HE peripheries: Slovenia, Croatia and Lithuania. In Klemenčič, M. (Ed.). From Actors to Reforms in Higher Education – Festschrift for Pavel Zgaga. Springer Nature.
  • Kocar, S. (2020). Attrition. In P. Atkinson, S. Delamont, A. Cernat, J.W. Sakshaug, & R.A. Williams (Eds.), SAGE Research Methods Foundations. doi: 10.4135/9781526421036926973
  • Flander, A., Roncevic, N., & Kocar, S. (2020). How teaching and research nexus in academic attitudes, behaviours and system of promotion influences academic satisfaction? Case study of Croatia and Slovenia. Higher Education Forum 17, 177-205.
  • Kocar, S., & Biddle, N. (2020). Panel mixed-mode effects: does switching modes in probability-based online panels influence measurement error? ANU CSRM Methods Research Papers.
  • Askerc Veniger, K., & Kocar, S. (2018). The Impact of Academic Discipline on University Teaching and Pedagogical Training Courses. Croatian Journal of Education, 20(4), 1261-1298.
  • Kocar, S. (2018). A universal global measure of univariate and bivariate data utility for anonymized microdata. ANU CSRM Methods Research Papers.
  • Askerc, K., Kocar, S. (2015). Teaching and the Pedagogical Training of University Teaching Staff–Practice and Opinions under Slovenian Higher Education Legislation. Education Inquiry, 6(2), 25591.

Total publications


Other Public Output

(1 outputs)
2021Kocar S, Lester L, Horton E, 'Experiences and opinions about living and travelling in Tasmania during and after the pandemic', The Tasmania Project, UTAS Institute for Social Change, Hobart, Tasmania, Report 48 (2021) [Report Other]

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Co-authors: Lester L; Horton E


Grants & Funding

Funding Summary

Number of grants


Total funding



Devonport data gathering on barriers to women reengaging in the workforce and community (2022)$12,786
The project will gather data to enhance knowledge about the extent to which women in Devonport are struggling to reconnect with business and community, and the reasons underlying that struggle.
Devonport City Council ($12,786)
Contract Research
Administered By
University of Tasmania
Research Team
Lester EA; Seivwright AN; Kocar S; Stanford SN
Towards a common wellbeing outcomes framework: creating a shared understanding of conceptual and practical issues (2022)$52,697
The project is to map and understand commonalities and differences across population-level outcomes measurement frameworks
Department of Premier and Cabinet ($52,697)
Contract Research
Administered By
University of Tasmania
Research Team
Lester EA; Fabian M; Kocar S; Seivwright AN