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Davina Wright is a lecturer in Theatre and Drama at the School of Creative Arts and Media. She is a site-specific artist, academic and educator. Since 2014 she has been the artistic director of performance collective Gold Satino and is currently associate artist with Terrapin Puppet Theatre. Davina has extensive experience teaching and facilitating Theatre and Drama across Secondary and Tertiary institutions. She taught in the Theatre and Drama undergraduate studies program at La Trobe University for 6 years across creative arts subjects that also required teaching across disciplines including visual arts, English, and Media studies.


Davina is a performance maker and director who has worked primarily within non-traditional performance. She is artistic director of the award-winning queer feminist performance collective Gold Satino. Her 2017 production This Grayson was nominated for Green Room Awards in four categories and won awards for Innovation in Site Responsive Performance and for Outstanding Work for Young Audiences. She has presented at international festivals including the Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM) and the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People World Congress (ASSITEJ).

Davina has had extensive experience facilitating performance work with young people. In 2021 she worked with Alex Walker and Terrapin Puppet Theatre to help a group of young people re-write the Australian National Anthem for the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 2022. Since then, she has been working with artist Billie Rankin and a group of artist/teenagers on a work called Thnx 4 Nothing which explores teenage pregnancy, global warming, and the housing crisis in Hobart. She is currently working with Dr. Meredith Rogers and Gold Satino on a site-specific performance in Mornington, Victoria.

Career summary


  • Master of Arts by research, La Trobe University, 2018. Thesis: Is there an implicit violence in performance and does site-specific theatre offer a unique method of exploring this?
  • Master of Teaching Professional Practice, Australian Catholic University, 2021.


Teaching expertise

Davina Wright brings the specialized professional skills of a writer-director to her teaching. Her approach to practice-based theatre teaching allows students to develop their own styles of making whilst learning through process. Davina ’s teaching is focused on a student centered approach; understanding context and culture and respecting the bodies in the room is central to her teaching methodology. ‘I enjoy adapting to the individuals that I’m teaching and creating environments that challenge and take care of them at the same time.’

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Davina uses textual analysis, qualitative interviews, and performance methodologies to investigate contemporary experiences and lives in site-specific performance. Davina is interested in nonlinear and immersive theatre that looks at loneliness, suburbia, violence, and feminism. ‘A large part of my research revolves around the global world within the intimacy of our local contexts.’ Davina is excited by the possibility that live performance can offer in making sense of ourselves and the world we have found ourselves in. She believes that representation within performance is culturally and critically important, she seeks out opportunities to work with a diverse range of people, including young people. ‘Performance is for everyone, and everyone should be welcome, but in order for that to happen, all people in all communities need to see themselves on stage or within performance.’ With a history of making work that addresses social issues within communities, Davina believes that site specific work can address social and cultural issues within that landscape and engage communities within their own landscapes. ‘The possibilities of lutruwita as a performative landscape are endless, I am dedicated to making work here and creating work that questions and gently reaches out to communities that need it; art is intimate.’ She has written and directed eleven produced professional theatrical works.

Davina is interested in intergenerational feminism and has a longstanding creative partnership with Dr Meredith Rogers who was a founding member of feminist Theatre Company Home Cooking Theatre Co.

Site-specific Performance

Queer Performance

Theatre and Feminism


Applied Theatre

Live Art and Performance Art


  • Nom: Visual Design, Green Room Awards 2020 for Seduction
  • John Chataway Innovation Award, Adelaide Fringe Awards 2018 for Dion
  • Best Theatre, Adl. Fringe Weekly Awards 2018 for Dion
  • Innovation in Site Responsive Performance, Green Room Awards 2017 for This is Grayson
  • Outstanding Work for Young Audiences, Green Room Awards 2017 for This is Grayson
  • Best Performance, Melbourne Fringe Awards 2016 for Dion
  • Live Works Experimental Arts Award, Melbourne Fringe Awards 2016 for Dion
  • Evolution Award (supported by Arts House), Melbourne Fringe Awards 2015 for Suburbia

Current projects

For 2022 she has a project in development with Ellison Tan Yuyang and Myra Loke to make a show with one of Singapore's leading theatre companies, The Finger Players.

Fields of Research

  • Music performance (360304)

Research Objectives

  • Music (130102)


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Other Creative Work

(1 outputs)
2022Teniswood-Harvey A, Sen G, Wright D, Zappala T, Norchick T, 'Salon@6: '...strange thunders from the potency of song...'', University of Tasmania, Ian Potter Recital Hall, the Hedberg, pp. 50 minutes (2022) [Performance Practice]

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Co-authors: Teniswood-Harvey A; Sen G; Zappala T

  • 2020 Thinking Time Fellowship from Bureau of Works $3000
  • 2020 Grayson: Arts Project Grant (via Midsumma), Australia Council for the Arts $32,937
  • 2018 Dion: Touring Grant, Adelaide Fringe Artist’s Fund $5000
  • 2018 Grayson: Arts Project Grant (via Melbourne Fringe)  Australia Council for the Arts $10,000
  • 2015 Evolution Award Bursary, Arts House $5000