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Tim Gibbons

Social Media Officer
Wicking Dementia Research & Education Centre

Room Room 421-05 , Medical Science 1, level 4

Tim Gibbons is the current Social Media Officer at the Wicking Dementia Education and Research Centre. He is interested in both the pedagogy of dementia education and the impacts of dementia on human behaviour and physiology. His other interests include understanding the way in which we translate scientific knowledge, and how we communicate science in an efficient and robust manner.


Before his current role, Tim tutored as part of the Bachelor of Dementia Care for several years. He was also a previous research assistant at the Wicking Dementia Centre and investigated the multifaceted reasons behind why students may not complete online courses. Tim has also worked as a support officer for domestic recruitment at the university in the past. Outside of the university, Tim worked for Teach for Australia, where he worked to combat educational inequality in Australia.

Tim is a skilled science communicator, having been involved for 8 years in public outreach and science communication. He spends a lot of his spare time out in public running science workshops, attending festivals and teaching children about the wonders of science.

Career summary


  • Graduate Certificate in Public Health, University of Tasmania, Australia, 2017
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons), University of Tasmania, Australia, 2017. Thesis: Transgenerational   Influence of Prenatal Testosterone Mediated by Maternal Effects on Physiology, Morphology and Behaviour in Mammals
  • Bachelor of Philosophy, University of Tasmania, Australia, 2017
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Tasmania, Australia, 2015


Teaching expertise

5 years’ experience in undergraduate tutoring, including zoology as well as dementia care and public health.

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Tim’s research aligns with the themes of Better Health and Environment. His research interests include the importance of public health education, and how to accurately translate knowledge for people with dementia and their carers/family. Tim also has an interest in how dementia impacts behaviour, and what physiological processes undermine the change in behaviour in people with dementia.

Tim’s recent research seeks to understand the motivations behind why people complete online courses regarding dementia, and to gain an understanding of why some people choose to never complete these courses. This research translates across to a greater goal of improving the education provided about dementia, with future research looking at the direct, tangible outcomes of education about dementia in the public.

-Public health education
-Dementia research
-Human Behaviour
-Science communication & outreach
-Behavioural endocrinology
-Animal behaviour
-Maternal effects


Dean’s Summer Research Scholarship 2016

Fields of Research

  • Health and community services (420305)
  • Health services and systems (420399)
  • Animal behaviour (310901)