Strategy Exhibition Rooms 2024

Explore our vision and take a closer look at our Strategic Plan

At the University of Tasmania, strategy is about translating our mission into impact.

As we approach the final year of our 2019-24 Strategic Plan, the time is right to explore our strategic context more deeply. Through understanding the challenges and opportunities in our local and global environments, we can consider what this might mean for our future, and how the evolution of our strategic plan will need to adapt to the approaching headwinds and opportunities.

The Strategy Exhibition Rooms are a place to explore, question, and imagine what the university could be in 10 years’ time. Launched in March 2024, we invite you to visit the exhibition, book the space for team planning days, participate in events, and contribute ideas to the space over 2024.


Sandy Bay Exhibition Room

Room 140, Centenary Building, Sandy Bay Campus
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Inveresk Exhibition Room

Level 3, Inveresk Library, Launceston
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Cradle Coast Exhibition Rooms

Level 2, Field Building, Cradle Coast Campus
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Exhibition Displays

Accelerating the new era our planet urgently needs

As a university community we are engaged in the refresh of our strategy. Central to that process has been the question, how do we organise against the challenges and opportunities the world faces as we look towards 2050?

The “Point of Choice” essay outlines the challenges and opportunities that have been discussed by the Vice-Chancellor in a series of presentations with staff and students.

Emerging themes from staff strategy sessions

During 2023, all staff were invited to participate in strategy workshops to consider our global context and the challenges and opportunities that this presents. These sessions explored how we as a university could respond to this global context over the next decade while delivering on our University mission.

Take a moment to preview responses from these staff strategy sessions offering valuable perspectives shared by colleagues in these sessions.

Hear from colleagues as they share a vision for our work at UTAS over the next 10 years.

The recently released Australian Universities Accord Final Report provides a new policy context for the sector, and we need to carefully consider how the policy directions should influence our next Strategic Plan.

As we begin to create our university strategy, we seek to deeply explore and innovatively apply concepts of sustainability that will play a crucial role in shaping our future.

In line with this vision, we invite all current students to contribute a creative response – whether it be through art, photography, animation, video or a written piece – to share their creative interpretations and ideas of a flourishing future for all of Tasmania,  and from Tasmania to the world.

Your artwork has the potential to be featured in our Sustainable Futures Showcase that will be exhibited across our campuses in our Exhibition Rooms.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Open to all university students from March to the end of April
  • Submit your artwork, photography, animation, video or written piece
  • One entry per student or group
  • Your submission should reflect the theme: "A sustainable future, for Tasmania, and from Tasmania to the world
  • Selection criteria include creativity, relevance to the theme, artistic merit, and potential to inspire
  • Win a $100 prize and the chance to have your contribution displayed!

Ready to make your mark on our university's journey towards sustainability? Share your submission with us here or email us at if you need to drop off your contribution or have any questions.

Further terms and conditions as well as the selection criteria is available to read here.

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