Project Management Methodology

3 Execution & Control

The execute & control phase of the PMM is critical to ensure success of the project. This phase deals with the monitoring and reporting of project timeline, deliverables and benefits realisation to ensure success of the project. The number of controls increases with size of the project (Small to Complex) as do the reporting requirements and need for independent external oversight.


pdfProject Control Matrix (PDF 161.4KB) is designed to identify which control elements are required for the project depending on project type and size. These are minimum requirements and must not be altered unless specifically determined by the Project Steering Committee. Justification for removal of any control element must be included in the project plan.

Issues Register |  Risk Management (Audit & Risk) inc Risk Management Policy | Stakeholder Management


Project status reporting can be done in various ways – a PowerPoint slide or Word document depending on the requirements of the Project Sponsor and/or Steering Committee.

WordProject Status Report Guide (Word 406.2KB) (May be overtyped) and Project Status Report (Word 405.9KB) (blank)

pptProject Status Report Overall

The key requirements reported on are:

  • Progress against timeline
  • Progress against budget
  • Scope and any approved changes
  • Risk management (Risk Management Policy)
  • Issues management
  • Quality
  • Benefits
  • Dependencies

Closure and Review