Project Management Methodology

2 Governance & Planning

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The organisation ensures commitment to the project in the governance and planning phase. Appointment of Project Manager, Project Working Group, Project Team, Project Sponsor and Steering Committee ensure delivery of the project. The completion of the planning phase ensures delivery of the project within the constraints of time, budget, quality and human resources.






Word Project Plan (Word 77.8KB) (blank) | Project Plan Guide (PDF 86.9KB) (can be overtyped) details all constraints of the project – time, budget, quality, resources, authorisation of scope changes, assumptions and constraints, monitoring and reporting, communication and consultation and milestones - also see Stage Plan to assist with details of stage deliverables.

Word Change Management Plan(Word 64.3KB) details how the project will instigate change in the organisation, focussing on how the project team will engage the business owners during change and handover the completed project to business as usual:

Word Steering Committee - Terms of Reference (Template - delete or amend as appropriate) defines the project-specific terms of reference for the steering committee and is key to ensuring appropriate reporting lines and cross-checking of project timeline and deliverables.

Stakeholder Management

Execution and Control