Project Management Methodology

Independent External Oversight

1 Aim

Independent External Oversight is established to ensure that projects are tracking according to the milestones as proposed by the project.

Independent External Advisors will be used for all projects rated as complex.

The Independent External Advisors will have a line of reporting to the Director, Risk and Audit where a contentious matter arises that the Advisor considers is not adequately addressed by the Project Steering Committee or the Project Sponsor.

2 Responsibilities

The Project Steering Committee (or Project Sponsor) is responsible for endorsing an appropriately qualified individual or firm to provide independent external oversight.

Independent External Advisers have the following responsibilities:

  • regularly assess the project progress and status
  • to provide independent advice to the Project Steering Committee or the Project Sponsor, when no Project Steering Committee exists, in relation to:
  • Project status
  • Reporting accuracy
  • Risk management
  • Scope changes
  • Determination of key milestones or gates


  • Any other matters that they consider appropriate to report on.

3 Frequency of Reviews

As determined by the Steering Committee or the Project Sponsor.