Project Management Methodology

Project Manager

1 Aim

The Project Manager has the authority to run the projects on a day-to-day basis within the delegation limits established by the Steering Committee.

2 Responsibilities

  • The Project Manager’s key responsibility is to ensure that the projects deliver the specified outputs within the agreed constraints of cost, time, risk, resource, quality and scope.
  • The Project Manager is responsible for implementing for the duration of the project the nominated controls as specified by the Project Steering Committee (larger projects) or the Project Sponsor (smaller projects) and for amending these as directed by the Project Steering Committee (larger projects) or the Project Sponsor.
  • The Project Manager will also provide honest and timely reporting to the Steering Committee on the progress of the project, risks and other issues on a regular basis.
  • The Project Manager must initiate all necessary meetings with the Project Sponsor/Steering Committee and resolve any issues needing attention.
  • The Project Manager will have delegation authority to approve scope changes as defined below.
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